Cold Harbour

Planetary Data

Gravity: 98% Earth Normal
Length of day: 1d 0h 40m
Radius: 6,371 km
Mass: 5.972 × 10^24 kg
Distance from local star: 149.6 million km

Climatic Data

Ambient Temperature(At Cold Harbour spaceport site): 32 Celsius
Ambient Temperature(Exterior): -15 Celsius
Surface Water Coverage: 0.1%
Arable Area: N/A


Evidence shows a sudden and well-organized evacuation of the Cold Harbour spaceport site, involving sealing off large parts of the complex. Outside, some major ecological disaster appears to have resulted in a complete absence of life or surface water.


Former Cephirid colony.

Expedition Addendum

Arrival point for the SV Christoper Columbus, initial exploration has found clear signs of intelligent, non-human lifeforms formerly inhabiting the planet. Their current locations or ultimate fates are unknown.

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