Name: XJ-777
Occupation: hacker and total dork

Can you find anything about a drill that can get to the black zone in a second and burns through electricity?

"That's a weird one Kerman, let me see… a drill… a drill… that thing could do a lot of damage, Control might have something in their databases." [The next five minutes of recording are just taps on a keyboard and XJ mumbling to himself] "I've got nothing about drills, but there's a recent hit on the keyword railgun in the 24A databases. Usually not the keywords you see associated with that calibre of weapon, though: crude, scrapyard, jury-rigged? Sounds like you've got a mad genius on the loose out there somewhere. I'd be less worried about him aiming it downwards, more about him aiming it at a spire! What can he hit down there, anyway? Nothing in the Black or below that anyone cares about except for MAGMA.

Maybe someone wanted to start up their own Geothermal Plant and decided to start by knocking a hole straight down to the mantle?"

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