Official Name: Mutant Control
Organization Type: Paramilitary Lawkeepers
Sphere of Control: Mutant Registration, Peacekeeping, Anti-Mutant Operations
Sub-Groups: The Convictors

Mutant Control is officially an expanded, paramilitary police force in charge of mutant registration, dealing with mutants who cause trouble above the Brown level and assisting more ordinary police forces whenever they need a bunch of heavily armoured jackasses to stomp all over someone who's climbed a clocktower or locked himself in a building with fifteen hostages and just as many pounds of high explosives.

In practice, however, they're largely the only police force that matters and anywhere below the Blue Zone they operate with no restrictions, leading to many Control precincts basically being corrupt militias when not dealing with the people who pay their wages, produce their guns or call the hammer down on them. In the Blue Zone they're largely a well-behaved police force, and most of the Green Zone is protected by private mercenary groups or the like.

Except for the Convictors, they're the only group that makes any attempt at keeping the peace in the Brown Zone, and even then they only act whenever there's a credible threat to the zones above. For instance if a gang that's been raiding the Yellow hides out down in the Brown sectors or Skuller maniacs attempt to destabilize the layer enough to bring a Spire crashing down.

Control fields every kind of weapon short of jet fighters and tanks, though they do have highly advanced gunships for rapid deployment. Some Control troopers have advanced Chameleoflage armor, and Convictors have a black-and-white colour scheme, but the average Control trooper wears black-with-red armor that covers the entire body, including the face, and their armour usually has built-in voice-scramblers to protect their identities.

While not all Control operations directly involve mutants, most Control troopers tend to discriminate against them, though there's a pervasive rumour that some of the most elite Control troopers, perhaps even the Convictors, are mutants themselves.

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