Attention, Mercenary!

This is the CorpNet joblisting site. If you are Anarchist or criminal scum, please redirect yourself to AnarchyNet and forward us your address. If you are interested in serving local business interests, however, please scroll past the 50-page EULA, agree to submit your address to our mailing lists and enjoy the finest in mercenary employment. CorpNet cares about its employees and offers better benefits than GovNet.

AgriCorp: Unfriendly
Vecna Robotics: Neutral
Mjolnir Weaponry: Friendly
Paladin Security: Unfriendly
Mercurial Enterprises: Allied
Zaether Clinics: Neutral

Corporate Job Listings


Employer: Vecna Robotics
Payment: 400 Favor
Collateral Damage Permitted: Moderate
Opposition: The Ghost Syndicate
Extra Intel Cost: 20 Favor
Status: Open

Synopsis: The Ghost Syndicate's managed to pull off several raids on our facilities in the recent past, and we need you to go in and recover what they've stolen. It's an expensive prototype that we want back in one piece, though in the case of an emergency you may consider yourselves authorized to activate it as combat support. The combat data would be almost as valuable as having it back in one piece. They've got it in a warehouse in the north slums and are planning to ship it out to some unknown location outside of the city.


Employer: Zaether Clinics
Payment: 400 Favor
Collateral Damage Permitted: Moderate
Opposition: The Ghost Syndicate, Vecna Robotics
Extra Intel Cost: 20 Favor
Status: Open

Synopsis: Vecna's been an upstart little thorn in our side for a while now, and it seems they've lost one of their toys to the ghosts. Get there before Vecna's mercenary hounds do and ruin their prototype, or retrieve it for us, it may be a useful bargaining chip. Reports have it that it may be some sort of new form of autonomous defense robot, so if you're hard pressed, activating it may save you a lot of trouble, and it's not as if we care whether it gets blown up by you or the ghosts.

Weapons Testing: Mandible

Employer: Mjolnir Weaponry
Payment: -150 Favor
Collateral Damage Permitted: N/A
Opposition: N/A
Extra Intel Cost: 20 Favor
Status: Open

Synopsis: Our HEWG subdivision is currently testing Project Mandible, another directed-energy weapon. Once again, your field-testing abilities are requested.

Operation: Valhalla

Employer: Mjolnir Weaponry, Vecna Robotics
Payment: 400 Favor
Collateral Damage Permitted: Medium
Opposition: Paladin Security
Extra Intel Cost: Unavailable
Status: Open

Synopsis: Everything went straight to shit once it got out what you guys pulled in the woods. PalSec wants to stomp us and take over our weapon labs so they have a definite edge up in whatever's going down. We signed a deal with Vecna to weaponize some of our more recent prototypes more effectively, but I doubt they can hold the line on their own, we need some help. As an added incentive, every future weapons prototyping mission will come at a discount. Keep our research staff safe and don't let them demolish too much of our complex. Please?

Surgical Intervention

Employer: Mercurial Enterprises, Zaether Clinics
Payment: 600 Favor
Collateral Damage Permitted: Low
Opposition: Ghost Syndicate, VDF
Extra Intel Cost: Unavailable
Status: Open

Synopsis: Mercenaries, we've got a defensive op for you. Apparently the government goons found out we were working with The Sea Wolves and we got tagged as terrorists, too, they're coming for one of our setups in the nice parts of town. This isn't one of our ordinary facilities, though, we've got some high-level personnel recovering with help from Zaether Clinics medics, and we need to keep them in one piece until they're healthy enough to ship out. Corporate security will be on the line to help you out if things get too rough.

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