Name: CRAP, Creative Research And Productions
Current President: Victor-In Areeja
Headquarters/Center of Operations: Ireland

The unfortunately-named CRAP is a EuroCorp research division much like HEWG, though their results seem more, well, creative and less destructive than what HEWG makes. Their known products so far include the Persuadotron, including the newest model, the Mk VII. No one seems to get their catalogue, though Mercurial might enjoy it.

The Persuadotron

The Persuadotron is a small, pistol-shaped device about the size and apperance of an auto-injector. Early models simply had the ability to "switch off" chipped individuals in case they were rowdy or make them follow the "persuader." Later models implemented functionalities such as rapid combat/assistance reprogramming in case a field agent needed a meatshield or cover fire. The latest versions of the Persuadotron, though still in the testing phase, appear capable of affecting non-chipped people as well.

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