Status Of The SV Christopher Columbus

Ship Overview

Propulsion: Human Standard(Surface Ocean), Alien Nacelle(Void/Dense Atmo/Low Gravity), FTL(JumpWeb Drive)
Sensors: Radar, GPS
Communications: Military-grade Radio
Armaments: None
Armouring: Alien Reinforced Steel
Atmosphere Rating: Vacuum to 4Bar

Crew Overview

Total Crew: 59
PC Crew: 3
NPC Human Crew: 30
NPC Deathclaw Crew: 1
NPC Machine Crew: 6
NPC Luminant Crew: 3
NPC Naja Passengers: 16

Crew in sickbay: Two crewmen, Fito
Crew in brig: None
Crew in medical stasis: None

Specific Crew

Trent Melvyn

Role: Corpse
Skills: Being dead, passing on, expiring

Artur Grzegorz

Role: Navigator
Skills: Linguistics

Accident-prone, generally nervous-looking and tends to wear bulky, baggy coats even in the warmest of weather.

Str: 0
Dex: 0
End: 0

Wits: 0
Per: 0
Tech: 0

Calm/Passion: Secondary/Primary
Introvert/Extrovert: Primary/Secondary
Ego/Faith: Primary/Secondary

Theurgy: 0
Psi: 0

Vitality: 0
Armor: 0
Wyrds: 666/20


Fito Tiburcio

Role: Mutineer
Skills: Brawn, Survival

Currently dead after encountering an Antinomy-using Cephirid and getting hit with a blast of Qlippothic Fire. Preserved in medical stasis for potential future revival.


Role: Sergei
Skills: Cigarette Procurement, Looting, Squatting, Slavic Swearing, Speaking Pashto

S├ębastien Thierry

Role: Cook
Skills: Cooking, Warfare, FarHand Psychic(Level 3)

A dour middle-aged ship cook from Canada! He's very good at what he does, and can make pretty much anything taste decent. He is a veritable fountain of grumpy but well-informed information about anything even vaguely food-related. He used to be in the military! (He was a cook there, too.) He can't stand his wife, but neither of them believe in divorce. Going on a boat far away from her for long periods of time is his personal compromise.

Renee Reed, aka R2, Artoo, Renny

Role: Ship's Steward
Skills: Cleaning, Cooking, Trivia, Stealth

Renee is a mousy nerd who Holly met back in college, and helped get her a job as a ship's steward. As a ship steward, most of her job is keeping the ship clean; mopping floors, emptying ashtrays, taking out trash, wiping down tables, vacuuming, and sometimes helping cook. Also has a large movie collection under her bed, hates thunder, and reads trashy scifi/romance stories.


Role: Radio Guy
Skills: Breaking His Legs, Bad Luck, Fighting With Crutches, Watching The Radio Real Good


Role: Guard
Skills: Guarding, Getting The Shits At The Worst Times


Role: Prisoner
Skills: Firearms, Bachelor's Degree in Sociology


Role: Prisoner
Skills: Firearms, Master's Degree in Economics


Role: Prisoner
Skills: Explosives, PhD in Women's Studies, Visioning Psychic(Level 3)

Eliza Thornton

Role: Knower of the Truth
Skills: Being very rich(on Earth), knowing the truth behind "reality," possibly more?


Role: Being the coolest guy on the ship
Skills: Not being appreciated by women, getting captured by aliens


Role: Luminant Chaplain
Skills: Presumably something


Role: Luminant Political Officer
Skills: Knows English, Diplomacy


Role: Luminant Political Officer
Skills: Stealth, Greasiness


Six assault rifles(AK-47)
Three suicide vests
One suit of Gargoyle Leather
Three RPG's
Ten HE warheads for RPG's
Nine HEAT warheads for RPG's
Twenty magazines for AK-47's
Three Improvised Heat-Rays
Three batteries for Improvised Heat-Rays
Alien armor plates
Large Amounts Of Unsorted Ammo: There's enough ammunition for a full reload of any human, bullet-using weapon at any time. However, due to the time needed to sort through the piles of bullets picking out the right calibers, this amounts to one full reload per downtime period. It doesn't mean infinite magazines to bring along on expeditions.
Lepidopt Armory: Contains Lepidopt Pistols and Assault Rifles, and ammo for the same. Enough to last the rest of the game, unless the armory is somehow destroyed or traded away.
One Flamethrower
One +2 Longsword

Noteworthy Cargo

The Dimensional Engine, a coal-powered train locomotive jury-rigged to drive without rails, and with one half of the Space/Time rift anchored to the inside. The other half is still anchored to a container aboard the ship.
A Decent Amount Of Gold
MRI Machine
Two halves of a jet fighter

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