Crimson Corporation

The Crimson Corporation is a recent amalgam of economic interests spread across human space, generally responsible for both the, very limited, inter-factional trade as well as much of the intra-factional trade. Their extreme economic clout allowed them to force the Terran Republic, Silver Dominion and High Benevolence of the Divine Metamorphosis to the negotiating table with the threat of trade sanctions, as a recent heating of the war had resulted in corporate property confiscations as well as the deaths of many independent traders.

Amidst a general ceasefire, the Crimson Corporation proposed a collaborative project, the resettlement and reconstruction of 107 Piscium, a system ravaged by the war, as a sign of general tolerance and cooperation.

Of note is that many minor business interests who either saw no profit in peace, or who were already very entangled with one of the factional governments, refused to join the Crimson Corporation and maintain their own business presences.

The Crimson Corporation also maintains facilities and colonies of its own, with its own governments, which tend towards either democracies or meritocracies(leadership roles are granted on basis of improvement or consistent quality/profit).

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