Name: Crrchtlchtl-Kntrrl Ukghrrk (/qr'χtlχtl-qntrl ʌkxrq/) AKA Chunky
Appearance: A spider-shaped metal exoskeleton that is harder to damage than it looks— and it looks like a mountain. Encompasing the entirety of what remains of Crrchtlchtl in a bag of self-repleneshing hormones and fluids wrapped in solid, thick black metal and chitin biomech armour, Crrchtlchtl looks like a five-foot tall, smooth, obsidian jumping spider. Several cameras cover his head, and a small entrance in his underbelly marks the only access point (besides smaller ones on each of legs). Both manidbles are replaces by extending handler-arms. Hidden ceramocomplex light autogrenadiers are fit inside his forelegs, as do magnetic grapnels, and on the underside of his head is a more noticable quad-laser.
Mecha: Vikar.
Appearance: Much like Crrch's exoskeleton, just bigger, and covered with heavy armour and heavy artilliary: the hulking machine looks able to blow away anything it can't walk over. Head hunkered down, the tank's heavy armour may somewhat help cover for its size as a target. The tank boasts the following armoury (as of episode 2):
- Two head-mounted positron-laser weapons
- Several minor antipersonnel lasers
- Six leg mounted light subsonic autogrenadiers
- Two leg heavy supersonic ultragenadiers
- One thorax-mounted .05c railcannon, a railgun that fires ultra-dense flechettes at 5-6% the speed of light;
- Twenty-two light missile pods
- Foam-extrusion spinerette, able of producing a number of foams in large quantities
Allegiance: Mars Protectorate[1]
Ratio Modifier: 2

Body 1-(10 points)
Mind 5- (50 points)
Soul 5- (50 points)
Total: 110

A Little Bit Mechanical: (40 points) Total: 150
Item: Body Carapace: (36)
Invisible: Sight (12)
Superstrength 2 (16)
Awkward Size (-4)
Enhanced Body: +4 (40)
Tough: 5 (10) [25 extra health!]
Vulnerability: EM damage (-9)
Inbuilt inner-tube (1)

A Great Deal Alien- (-2 points) Total: 148

Made of Pure Unkillabilium- (82 points) Total: 230
"Black Box" Homogenous Armour 20 (44) [40 armour]
Tough: 5 (10) [25 extra health!]
Immunity: Low Pressure 2, High Pressure 2, Lack of Air 1, Lack of Food 1, Lack of Water 1, Lack of Sleep 1, Freezing Cold 1, Freezing Water 1, Disease 2, Poison 1, Overheating 1. (28)

Chemical Factory- (8 points) Total: 238
Item: Spinners
Power Flux: Spinner Alchemy 4 (16) [20 Alchemes]

Playtime's Over (22 points) Total: 260
Ranged Weapon Skill 2: Inbuilt, Emotional 1 (5 points)
Ranged Weapon Skill 2: Inbuilt, Emotional 2 (4 points)
Ranged Weapon Skill 2: Inbuilt, Emotional 3 (3 points)
Combat Techniques: Far Shot, Concealment, Multiple Targets, Portable Armoury, Weapons Encyclopedia. (10)

No Trigger Dicipline (0 points) Total: 260
Ranged Weapon Mastery: 4 (40 points)
Inept Ranged Attack: 4 (-40 points)

Come in to My Parlour…(6 Points) Total: 266
Special Movement: Cat-Like, Light Footed, Slithering. (6)

Spider Mech, Spider Man (8 points) Total: 274
Special Movement: Balance, Swinging, Wall-Crawling 2, Zen Direction. (10)

Dual-Mind Insight (7 points) Total: 305
Power Flux: SKILLS 2 (8) (10), Concentration -2
Eidetic Memory (1)
Supersense: Vibrational 4
Heightened senses: Vibration 4 (8)
Item: Opticams (8)
Heightened Senses: Sight x 3, Sound x 1, UV x 2, IR x 2 (16 > 8)
Supersenses: UV, IR (8)>(4)
Combat Techniques: Blind Fighting, Blind Shooting, Judge Opponent, Critical Strike, Extended Range. (10)

Laws of Superior Firepower (lots) Total: 340
Item: Autogrenadiers (30)
Weapon 6 (12), Massive Damage: This Weapon 1 (4), Power Flux 4 (Ammunition) (12) [15 points], Extra Action 2: Fire Grenadiers (20), Range 5, Accurate +1, Automatic +3, Spreading +3.

Item: Quantum Lasers:
Weapon 10 (20), Range 5, Spreading 3, Accurate 3.

FREE TIME Total: 350
Diminished Attribute -5: Cannot lie.
Skeleton in the Clauset -0: Mal <3
Diminished Attribute: Smell -2
Artisan 4 (Hats and Sculpture): 5
Skill- Acrobatics (Tumbling) 4: 12

Background: Born on the Human-Spider asteroid of Niflheimer, a medium-sized comet orbiting around Mars, Crrch was a builder, reinfocing the structures on and around the icy rock. One of a medium-sized family of little prestige, he followed his father's foosteps in profession, working with computers and building materials, with a large amount of human contact.
When he was 14, Crrch was drafted into the military to fend-off raiding fleets, something he managed with a modicum of success; one evening, however, a ruthless band decided to soften up Niflheimer with spacecraft bombardment before striking. Nifl was one of the few survivors, and was instrumental in saving several groups of workers due to his rapid combat engineering and fluency in English.
The Martian Protectorate took him in, and helped repair him using cloning and exoskeletal technology, giving him a permanent metal shell that maintains his vitality. He now works still as a combat engineer, in a clonebased mech, huge and dauntless and able to shape terrain as much as devastate it.


Body 8 -(90 points)
Total: 90

Awkward Size (-4)
Tough: 10 (20) [50 extra health!]
Homogenous Armour 30 (64) [40 armour]
Superstrength: 2 (16)
Immunity: Low Pressure 2, High Pressure 2, Lack of Air 2, Freezing Cold 2, Freezing Water 2, Disease 2, Poison 2, Overheating 2. (16)
Massive Damage: Ranged Weapons 3 (21)
Power Flux: Spinner Alchemy 4 (16) [20 Alchemes]

Ranged Weapon Skill 2: Inbuilt, Emotional 1 (5 points)
Ranged Weapon Skill 2: Inbuilt, Emotional 2 (4 points)
Ranged Weapon Skill 2: Inbuilt, Emotional 3 (3 points)

Massed Anti-infantry Fire (38) > 19
Weapon 6, Area 8, Range 4, Selective, Spreading 9, Automatic (3), Inaccurate 3, Quake 4.

Massed Anti-armour Fire (40) > 20
Weapon 9, Massive Damage: This Weapon 1 (4), Range 4, Area 1, Accurate 3, Homing 2, Penetrating 8.

Railcannon: 64 points
Railcannon: Rank: 15, Massive Damage: This Weapon 3 (12), Range 9, Accurate 7, Area 5, Activation -3.

Special Movement- Slithering: 2 points
Supersense: UV, IR, Vibrational. 12 points.
Heightened senses: Vibration 4, Sight 3, Sound 1, UV x 2, IR x 2. 24 points.

Has feelings of unrequited love for Malaika.
Has so far appeared in Episode 1 and Episode 2

1. Despite being allied with the Mars Protectorate, however, Crrch isn't quite one of their usual genetically-engineered citizens.

Laid Back/Made of Pure Unkillablium Specialist
Fanbase: 3/3
Gar Charge: 0/2
Plot Armor: 5/5
Gar: 3
Power(Ultratech): 4

No Trigger Dicipline
Rank: 3; Limit: +0
Crrch and Vikar both share something in common besides arachnoform shape: they both express themselves in massive firepower. Whether it be Nasir's aramament of explosives or Vikar's quad-lasers, Crrch generally fires enough to hit whatever he was pointing at- indeed, this is just as well, as his lax nature means that aiming is generally not a high priority (and thus, collateral damage remains a problem.

Made of Pure Unkillablium
Rank: 3; Limit: +2
Not much can puncture the dozens of chitin, mineral, and metal that go into Crrch's exoskeleton, and nanotech and advanced repair nanoech means he's not generally hurt for long; indeed, between the many layers of survival technology, fresh magma, massive pressure, spacial exposure and orbital re-entery are all not just survivable— but a breeze.
Where Crrch can survive hideous punishment, Vikar can survive more; with some of the latest armour upgrades, the bleeding-edge technology, redundancies, dead weight and exotic materials that makes up Vikar means the 'mech is all but able to survive even anti-spacecraft fire. Either way, Crrch is not going down without a fight.

Big Bastard
Rank: 1; Limit: +1
Crrch weighs in at approximately heavy, over 250 pounds of hard metal withing the confines of approximately onehundred and twenty-five cubic feet of armour and solid mass; a low cenre of balance and multiple limbs make him a doubly serious as a threat in close combat, and leave him somewhat immovable.

A Little Bit Mechanical…
Rank: 3;. Limit: +0
Crrch's body is supplimented with machines and technology, giving him the senses to a degree only a machine would have, and even wholely new senses unlike those found in nature. Indeed, by linking with a computer system, he's even able to percieve the network from the inside, aiding his hacking skills.

…A Great Deal Alien
Rank: 3; Limit:+1
Whenever Crrch looks at something, his alien web-building instincts and internal computers pick up something's structure, be it a human or a building, computer system, or a 'mech. He can intuitively find weak points to reinforce, or attack.

Chemical Factory
Rank: 3; Limit: +2
Crrch's biologically and technologically enhanced spinnarettes are able to secrete any number of substances in many configurations; he is quite capable of producing explosives and extruding building materials. While he needs biomass, for small amounts over a long period, nanochangers allow the creation of any substance. Vikar packs this in abundance, foaming steel and aluminium supports, able to act double-duty as a combat earthmover and fortifier.

Dual-Mind Insight
Rank: 2; Limit: +3
Having brains of silicon and carbon normally means simply increased intelligence and processing speed, faster reflexes and such, all things that Crrch has in abundance. The sheer extent of mechanical replacement gives Crrch another gift: sometimes the meat and the machine line up in logic, and his instincts and calculations both agree at the speed of thought, giving Crrch instinctive answers to almost anything.

Spider Mech, Spider Man
Rank: 3; Limit +1
An arachnoform body inside an arachnoform shell inside an arachnoform 'mech, Crrch is more than able of reaching the places other heros have trouble; not often as useful in a huge battle-tank that crushes anything it could climb over, it nonetheless is helpful for easy movement, turning on a dime.

Come in to My Parlour…
Rank: 2; Limit +1
Spiders move with silent grace and camoflage themselves with ease. Intelligent spiders do even better. Chamelon-weave coated black spiders with hyperintelligence and artificially silenced movements are better at it still. Less effective, somewhat, when in a vehicle, but outside of it, Crrch isn't found unless he wants to be.

Playtime's Over
Rank: 3; Limit+3.
Sometimes, the time for gleeful shooting is gone. Whether it's resorting to the anti-ship cannon or just knuckling down from the playful exuberance that marks his normal shooting, firepower represents Crrch knuckling down and just destroying. It's not good for more than blowing things up, but collateral damage is less of a problem, as far less shots are actually fired- and far more actually hit.

Laws of Superior Firepower
Rank: 3; Limit: +2
Crrcht is both known for his amazing aim, and his lack of aiming. This is somewhat compensated for by smart munitions, which he has in heavy supply. Of course, he still uses fifteen rockets where one will do, but he's likely to hit a damn.

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