Crying Is Not An Emergency

Elevator Pitch

It's a cyberpunk game set in 2185, in Super America, the global state that encompasses all of the Earth, and the Moon, except for North Korea, the last bastion of freedom. Only 0.1% of humanity still has money, as almost all employment has been replaced with unpaid internships, and all but the super-rich survive via crime, Patreon subscribers or mountainous credit card debt. Plastic surgery and cybernetic enhancements usually start around age 10, and the Moon has been turned into a giant billboard, but for it to be readable they had to bring it closer to Earth, which caused devastating tidal disruptions. Thankfully, it only killed poor people.

Some corporation attempted to summon cheap labour from Hell but it turned out that Hell had stricter labour laws then Earth at this point, so they cancelled it after a few summonings, and now the remaining demons are stuck on Earth as panhandlers and middle management.

In 2185 even working for the police is an unpaid internship so it's literally staffed only by the people who see police brutality as a job benefit. Private security snaps up the ones who are able to draw their pistol without blowing off their own foot or dick.

Shortly after leaving the European Union(a hard Brexit was eventually finalized in 2077), the UK was bought up entirely by an American/Chinese super-conglomerate intending to pave the entire island and turn it into a theme park. Unfortunately they ran into financial trouble and the project was put on hold briefly after evicting the last residents and moving in their construction teams. In order to prevent squatters, they used the last of their money building a wall around the entire UK, and since their collapse, ownership of the island has been in constant litigation ever since. The only residents are wild animals and the savage descendants of the abandoned engineers and architects left there. This has left it as one of the few relatively natural environments on Earth, presuming that the locals don't sacrifice you to the great spirit Area Moment of Inertia.

You're some bunch of losers on par with everyone else, but with even looser morals and less faith in the system, so you're more willing to do brutal shit for money or to try and overturn the system. Or possibly both. Or maybe you're just doing this for YouTube views and Patreon subscribers.

Game Time

8pm CET/UTC+1 on wednesdays.


3rd ed BESM, 275 chargen points, max of 20 points spent on a single Weapon attribute, all Skill boosts are doubled to +2's rather than +1's.

If you're using a Power Flux attribute, it must have at least one of the following limitations: Activation, Concentration, Deplete, Charges or Recovery.

Maximum of 1 Extra Action.

Player Character List

Krazy_Kayo-Chan_69: Murderous sexbot, by Sanev_Khan
Miyoshi: Killer Cat Girl Cyborg, by Zeplin666
Barry 3: Space barbarian, by DisgruntledFerret
Isaac Dickerson: The only sane man here, played by Fivemarks
Desdemona Kilgore: Blood Soaked transhuman reaver/Neo-America's Princess-in-training, by Cheese

NPC List

Assaultron 1051 AKA Ron 1051 AKA Ron AKA You Dumb Sack Of Bolts: Bartender at GRID REFERENCE TAU, the local protagonist/cyberpunk bar.
A llama: It's a llama, it's following Kayo and Miyoshi because they pat it.

Quest Log

Kill Some Communists

Status: FAILED

The Communists have not been killed, instead they've been spared. The party is a disappointment to Super America.


GRID REFERENCE TAU: A bar, run by Ron 1051. It's kind of a shithole.

CP Tally

I forget whether BESM has some whack-ass XP/chargen point divide, so I'm just giving you guys chargen points.

Session 1: 10 CP
Session 2: 5 CP
Session 3: 10 CP
Session 4: 15 CP

Total CP since chargen: 25

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