SRC01-03 Star Robot 「Cyberbarian」

The SRC01 Cyberbarian was designed by a team of engineers led by Dr. Akira Burai of Gedon Heavy Industries, with the vision of an army of autonomous robots made to operate in outer space and promote corporate and government-based initiatives. They hoped their project would be ambitious enough to compete in the global market bidding for mass-production drones and net lucrative contracts.

They were wrong, at least in this case. Clients at the time saw no particular need for a robot equipped with two spinning axes instead of a more efficient rifle, a superfluous transformation function that would be cheaper to reproduce separately, and a Strong AI program that posed pointless risks to the chain of command. Also, the aliens won, so demand in general plummeted dramatically.

As per company policy the initial SRC01 production models were slated for destruction. Dr. Burai, outraged at the dismissal and rejection of his work, instead released them into the wild to do as they wished, and was fired as a result. Afterward, after six months inventing and constructing a private army made up of SRC02 Cyberserker, SRC03 Cybelial, SRC04 Cybelzebub, and SRC04X Cybelzebub Pestilence, he declared his intent to destroy humanity. After his insane plot was stopped, as per company policy Dr. Burai was re-employed by GHI and promoted to the board of directors.

Technically, there's still a bounty out for SRC01 units, so Barry 3 tries to keep a low profile as he works diligently for the money he needs to maintain his robotic lifestyle. He's worked customer service, pizza delivery, and somehow as a public defender, but mercenary work seems to be the most lucrative for him.

Name: SRC01-03 スター・ロボット・「サイバーバリアン」
AKA: Barry 3
Occupation: Attorney at Law/Mercenary
275 Character Points (120+141+25-11)

Stats (120 pts)

Body: 4
Mind: 4
Soul: 4

Health Points: 60
Energy Points: 40
Attack Combat Value: 4 (6 with axes)
Defense Combat Value: 4 (6 with axes)
Damage Multiplier: 5 (7 with axes)

Attributes (141 pts)

(Lv2) (18 pts) Alternate Form 「Ax Astra™」 (65/65 pts)

  • (-30 pts) 「Circular Sawmahawk™」 x2 (they're part of the wings), Melee Attack, Regeneration
  • (-9 pts) Impaired Manipulation (no arms)
  • (-3 pts) Marked (is a spaceship)
  • (-3 pts) Physical Impairment (no legs - only a slight inconvenience, though)
  • (-2 pts) Weak Point 「Cyberbarian™ Ultra Nucleus」 (-6 Called Shot penalty, 1-hit-KO on a natural crit to it)
  • Lv1 (1 pt) Features: Extra Capacity 1
  • Lv6 (48 pts) Flight (3,000 kph)
  • Lv8 (16 pts) Spaceflight (1.079e+9 kph)

(Lv20) (40 pts) Armor 「Ultraluminum」 (Armor Rating 40)
(Lv4) (8 pts) Combat Techniques: Critical Strike, Precise Aim, Steady Hand, Two Weapons
(Lv1) (2 pts) Divine Relationship (1 dice re-roll per game session)
(Lv2) (2 pts) Features: Ambidexterity, Eidetic Memory
(Lv2) (8 pts) Massive Damage (Axes)
(Lv2) (6 pts) Melee Attack (Axes)
(Lv2) (6 pts) Melee Defense (Axes)
(Lv2) (6 pts) Ranged Defense (Axes)
(Lv1) (10 pt) Regeneration 「Cyberbarian™ Ultra Nucleus」 (+5 HP per round)
(Lv4) (8 pts) Special Defense (Lack of Air 2, Low Pressure 2)
(Lv4) (8 pts) Tough
(Lv5) (7 pts) Weapon 「Circular Sawmahawk™」 (Penetrating 4, Item)
(Lv5) (7 pts) Weapon 「Circular Sawmahawk™」 (Penetrating 4, Item)
(Lv0) (1 pts) Weapon - Alternate Attack 「Hyper Photon Beam™」 (Flare: Sight 3)
(Lv0) (4 pts) Weapon - Alternate Attack 「Electrino Circus™」 (Homing: Radar, Incapacitating 5, Range 2, Targets 4, Activation -1, Ammo -2: 3 shots)

Skills (25 pts)

(Lv1) (2 pts) Burglary - Hot-Wiring
(Lv2) (4 pts) Computers - Electronic Warfare
(Lv1) (1 pts) Domestic Arts - Home Budgeting
(Lv3) (3 pts) Forgery - Electronic Documents
(Lv6) (6 pts) Law - Criminal
(Lv1) (2 pts) Military Sciences - Hardware Recognition
(Lv1) (2 pts) Navigation - Space
(Lv1) (1 pts) Physical Sciences - Astronomy
(Lv2) (4 pts) Police Sciences - Forensics

Defects (-11 pts)

(-2 pts) Achilles' Heel (lightning)
(-2 pts) Ism (an immediately obvious robot)
(-1 pts) Phobia (water)
(-3 pts) Sensory Impairment (taste)
(-1 pts) Unique Defect - Hard Coding (can't harm verified GHI employees; contractors and interns don't count)
(-2 pts) Wanted (GHI)

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