D20 Heroes

D20 Heroes

It is 2101, YOU ARE HEROES, or villains, or mercenaries, with some degree of superpowers. This page is for CRUNCH, FLUFF gets its own page, go check it out.

Ability Scores

The usual six D20 scores. Base score of 8, 30 points to assign.

Hero Class, Internal Powers

Internally powered heroes are heroes which are inseparable(aside from truly gruesome procedures) from their abilities. Their subtypes are Psionic, Genetic and Cybernetic.

Either due to genetic improvements, cybernetic enhancements or psionic discipline, Internal-type heroes are highly resilient and have 1d12 hit points per level. In general, their abilities have a lower magnitude(due to running on their body's internal power or needing to fit inside their bodies at all), but are more accurate in their application(due to being wired directly into who they are and their body image). All Internal-type heroes receive 4 skill points per level, before intelligence modifiers.

Internal Subtype: Cybernetic

Cybernetic heroes include both those who've been fitted with improving equipment or prosthetics, and fully mechanical lifeforms(they cannot be separated from their own bodies, so they do not count as Powered Armor Pilots). Almost all Cybernetics are visibly different and often viewed with pity or fear, depending on whether their form is made up of replacements for lost parts or whether their modifications have turned them into inhuman machines. some Cybernetic abilities require Power Points or rely on limited ammunition. Unpowered humans can have cybernetic prosthetics.

Internal Subtype: Psionic

Psionics are often related to Genetics, in that while a genetic advantage is not required, certain forms of neural makeup are more susceptible to the rigid discipline and rigors of mastering psionics. Psionics have no outward signs of what they are, though some choose to flaunt it nonetheless with tattoos and markings that reveal them as members of Psionic groups. Some low-level empaths, telepaths and telekinetics do not count as powered heroes. All Psionics are extremely draining on the mind and require the use of Power Points to fuel to their true effect.

Internal Subtype: Genetic

Genetic Heroes include both those born with their powers, those born with non-human genes(usually aliens or Uplifted animals) and the rare few who've been granted powers by late-life genetic intervention or aggressive genetic-reprogramming viruses. Their powers do not rely on any form of point pool, and often their abilities are hinted at by their forms, but unguessable until they unleash them. Those Genetic Heroes who are visibly different are often discriminated against, especially by bioconservatives.

Hero Class, Channeled Powers

Channelers derive their powers from some external source, potentially divine or magical, but more commonly from devices or power armor. They are frailer than Internal-type heroes, receiving only 1d8 hit points per level, but attaining their powers required some form of independent research or work, and so they receive 7 skill points per level, before intelligence modifiers. In general, Channeler-favoured powers are more powerful, but less accurate. Channelers also have the weakness that they can be separated from their abilities in some fashion.

Channeler Subtype: Divine/Magical

Some argue that the heroes wielding Divine or Magical abilities are merely a subtype of Psionics, but the powers are distinctly different in their form. Why some faithful have powers and others do not is a question that remains unanswered, and many say that the Magical heroes are little different from the Divine, as their powers are often attained from negotiating with what some would call infernal or alien powers.

Channeler Subtype: Powered Armor Pilot

Powered Armor Pilots usually pilot human-sized suits of powered armor, but are also capable of piloting hulking battlemechs when they need to. Their suits can incorporate a vast number of devices and weapons, and naturally provide them with a level of armor that only Cybernetics can match at its apex.

Channeler Subtype: Technician/Inventor

Inventors are not far removed from Powered Armor Pilots, except that their devices are usually smaller, less visible and always entirely self-made. Most are so arcane in operation, or require an understanding of their principles to operate at all, that only the inventor can use them without instruction.

Hero Class, Unpowered

Unpowered heroes have no subtypes and are usually the class of heroic bystanders or particularly powerful minions. Unpowered heroes are more resilient than the average civilian, receiving 1d10 hit points per level, but cannot have any powers at all, though if instructed appropriately they may be able to use Powered Armor or Devices(learning to maintain, invent or produce either would propel them into the ranks of Powered Heroes, however). Unpowered Heroes receive 10 skill points per level before intelligence modifiers.

Hero Abilities and Advancement

Internal: 1d12 HP, +1 BAB/Level. 4+Int Mod skills/Level.

  • Cybernetic: 2 DR/- at 1st level, +1 DR/- every even level. 5 Power Points at 1st level, +2 Power Points every level. +1 Fort Save every level, +1 Ref/Will every even level
  • Psionic: 15 Power Points at 1st level, +5 Power Points every level. +1 Will Save every level, +1 Fort/Ref every even level.
  • Genetic: +1 Initiative every level, +1 HP every level, +1 Fort/Ref Save every level, +1 Will every even level, +2 HP/level, +1 BAB every even level.

Channeler: 1d8 HP, +1 to all weapon/ability damage at 1st level, +1 feat at 1st level. 7+Int Mod skills/Level, +1 BAB every even level.

  • Divine/Magic: 15 Power Points at 1st level, +5 Power Points every level. +1 Will Save every level, +1 Fort/Ref every even level. +1 Ability damage every level.
  • Powered Armor: 4 DR/- armor at 1st level, +1 Fort/Ref Save every level, +1 Will every even level, +2 Strength at 1st level. 5 Power Points at 1st level, +2 Power Points every level.
  • Inventor: 5 Power Points at 1st level, +2 Power Points every level. Save DC's for all abilities increased by 5, +1 Ability damage every even level. +1 Will Save every level, +1 Fort/Ref every even level.

Unpowered: 1d10 HP, +1 to all saves every level, 10+Int Mod skills/Level, +1 BAB every level.

Power Points

All heroes except for Genetics and Unpowered receive Power Points. Divine/Magic and Psionic heroes need to expend Power Points to use their Abilities at all, and can only use weakened versions of them if they have no Power Points, both they and other classes with Power Points can, however, expend extra Power Points to supercharge an ability(for instance to deal more damage), Genetics cannot supercharge their abilities, but never have to resort to weakened versions either.

Unless the description says otherwise, an ability will require 1 Power Point to activate and will remain active for its duration, or have its normal effect. When "charged," an ability will do an extra 50% damage(round down), when "weakened" it will do half damage. When "charged" any DC will be increased by 5, when "unpowered" any DC will be lowered by 5.

Internal heroes get the average of their WIS and CON mods added to their power point pool, Channeler heroes get the average of their WIS and CHA mods.

Abilities and Feats

Abilities covers spells(divine/magic), internal powers(genetic/psionic) and specialized equipment(cybernetic, powered armor, inventor). At first level, all characters receive five Ability Points, and every level thereafter they receive a 1+(half their levels, rounded up) worth of points. Many abilities will have multiple levels.

Abilities that are "favoured" for a certain type of hero will cost points equal to the rank it is advanced to(buying from rank zero, an ability you don't have, to rank two, would be three points. 1+2), abilities which are not favoured are still purchasable but will cost +1 point per rank(buying the same ability, unfavoured, would cost a total of five points. 1+1+2+1).

Feats may enhance or modify abilities, but are not bought with Ability Points. Instead every character gets one Feat at first level and another every even level.

Signature Ability

A character may at second level or later choose one ability which is their SIGNATURE ability. Rank costs for this ability are halved, rounded up. If the signature ability chosen already has points invested in it, any excess points spent are refunded(for instance, if you had bought a favoured ability to rank 4, that would have cost you 1+2+3+4 = 10 points. The adjusted cost would be 1+1+2+2, meaning a refund of 4 points.).

List of Abilities


Favoured by: Cybernetic, Powered Armor

Every rank of Armor increases DR by 2/- and HP by 2. Psionics and Magical/Divine users have to expend one power point for every two rounds they want their armor to be active. "Overcharging" armor by expending a power point doubles the DR provided by it for a single round.


Favoured by: Psionic, Divine/Magical

Psychic delusions, swarms of insects, a fog of psychoactive chemicals. Distraction attacks penalize actions taken by one or more enemies, and may do minor damage. "Overcharging" increases DC by 5 and doubles penalty. The save is usually Will-based.

Rank 1: DC 10+Level+WILL mod, affects 1 target. Gives -1 to all actions and saves. Lasts 10 rounds.
Rank 2: Affects +1 target, -2 penalty
Rank 3: Affects +2 targets, -3 penalty, 1d4 damage.
Rank 4: DC 15+Level+WILL mod, +3 targets, -4 penalty, 1d6 damage.
Rank 5 and beyond: +1 target per rank, -1 penalty every even rank from 6th onwards. 1d8 damage at 5th level, 1d10 damage at 6th, 1d12 at 7th.

Extra Arms

Favoured by: Genetic, Psionic

For characters whose powers are not permanently manifested(Psionic, Divine/Magical), these extra limbs are either telekinetic or summoned in nature. They can take any form, from actual extra arms to hovering assistance drones(Inventor) or tentacles. Each rank is an extra pair. If used to wield extra weapons, they do not grant their bonus strength modifier, but any weapons they wield have the character's ordinary modifier taken into account. Wielding extra weapons is penalized as per usual unless the character has the appropriate feats for it. Most forms of extra arms may also extend the owner's reach(telescoping mechanical arms, telekinetic movement, stretching tentacles).

Rank 1: +50% strength modifier.
Rank 2: +100% strength modifier.


Favoured by: Powered Armour, Inventor

Wings, jetpacks, anti-gravity devices or telekinetic flight. Psionics and Magical/Divine users must spend 1 power point per 2 rounds of flight in combat, or per minute out of combat.

Rank 1: Capable of take-off and Slow flight.
Rank 2: Capable of hovering and Medium flight.
Rank 3: Capable of hovering and Fast flight, can bring one passenger.

Every further rank adds more speed and the ability to carry an extra passenger. Fast+ and 2 passengers, Fast+2 and 3 passengers, etc.

Force Wall

Favoured by: Psionic, Magic/Divine, Inventor

The Force Wall erects a barrier with a limit amount of HP which remains in place, obstructing or slowing passage, and blocking all attacks, until its HP are exhausted. Force Walls can be either hemispheres or flat planes. Only costs a power point to create, not to maintain. "Overcharging" doubles the Force Wall's HP. If an enemy can move AROUND a Force Wall to attack, or shoot over it, they can avoid having to deplete it first, but suffer a -2 to hit with every shot. Hemispherical force fields, rather than having a set size, can cover a number of characters/NPC's equal to the rank of the skill, but are omnidirectional and cannot be shot "around." Fields are also omnidirectional in that they affect passage/attacks from both sides equally. It takes one round to set up or take down a field.

Rank 1: 20 HP Force Wall. Blocks a doorway or narrow passage. Walking through it gives you a -2 to everything in that same round.
Rank 2: DR 5/-, 30 HP Force Wall. Blocks a street. Walking through it loses you your turn.
Rank 3: DR 10/-, 40 HP Force Wall. Blocks a football field. Walking through it loses you your turn.

Beyond 3rd rank, all ranks add +10 HP and either a further +10 HP, 2d6 damage to anyone who passes through the field or mono-directional, which makes the field permeable without damage or slowdown from one side, as well as allowing characters on that side to fire on targets on the other side without any penalty.


Favoured by: Divine/Magical, Psionic, Inventor

Allows walking through solid objects or simply teleporting past them. Phasing is consistently one rank lower than teleportation for distance that can be travelled, but it can also be used defensively if a power point is expended on it, and every time it's used, it lasts for a round. Phasing out is usually instantaneous, while teleporting requires a few moments of preparation(you can teleport in combat, but you will teleport on your next turn after declaring it, and any damage suffered between then and teleporting disrupts the teleportation).

Rank 1: Far enough for a wall or doorway. +1 AC for Phasing.
Rank 2: Enough to cross a room. +3 AC for Phasing.
Rank 3: 100 feet. +6 AC for Phasing.
Rank 4: Across the city. +9 AC for Phasing.
Rank 5: Cross-country teleportation. +12 AC for Phasing.


Favoured by: Genetic, Inventor

Overcharging regeneration requires an entire round, at one point spent it restores 2x your per/round healing, two points restores 3x, etc.

Rank 1: 1 HP/round, survival down to -20 HP
Rank 2: 2 HP/round, survival down to -30 HP

Further ranks increase regen/round by 1 HP, in addition they can either increase the survival limit by another -10 HP or they can add +2 to FORT saves.


Favoured by: Genetic, Cybernetic

Increases saves. "Overcharging" doubles save bonuses(for a round) and upgrades to the next level of Resistance(for misc. advantages) for the duration of an hour.

Rank 1: Able to breathe water, +1 DR/-, +2 to FORT saves.
Rank 2: Able to resist radiation, +1 DR/-, +4 to FORT and +2 to REF saves.
Rank 3: Doesn't need to breathe, +2 DR/-, +6 to FORT, +4 to REF and +2 to WILL saves.
Rank 4: Halved damage from all cold/heat-related attacks, +3 DR/-, +8 to FORT, +6 to REF and +4 to WILL saves.


Favoured by: Psionic, Inventor

Increases AC, attacks blocked with Shield must be declared before the enemy attack is rolled. "Overcharging" adds +50% AC boost and doubles the number of attacks that the Shield can defend against.

Rank 1: AC +4, can defend against one attack per round.
Rank 2: AC +6, can defend against two attacks per round, +1 REF.
Rank 3: AC +8, can defend against three attacks per round, +2 REF.
At rank 4 and beyond there's no limit to how many attacks can be Shielded against every round. From Rank 5 onwards, the AC and REF save boost are increased by +1 every rank.


Favoured by: Genetic, Powered Armour, Cybernetic

Size allows the character to either become smaller or larger, though both are capped at two steps beyond medium(for humans). Every rank moves you one size category from medium, either up or down. For Magical/Divine and Psionic heroes, the size change is only activated when the power is. For every rank they have, they can CHOOSE to move one rank in either direction when they activate the power. Overcharging the power shoves it one more rank either up or down, to a maximum of 3 size categories above or under medium.

Damage scaling affects ranged weapons only if they are part of the character's body or power armor.

Stealth Field

Favoured by: Inventor, Divine/Magical, Cybernetic

Confers invisibility/inaudibility. Overcharging doubles the stealth boost.

Rank 1: Invisible, +5 Stealth.
Rank 2: Invisible and Inaudible, +7 Stealth.
Every rank beyond 2nd increases Stealth by +2 and confers invisibility to another sense, though it's impossible to become "invisible" to the sense of touch, and characters cannot cloak the sounds or movements of things they affect(for instance, if walking through a rainstorm, there will be a suspicious hole among the raindrops).


Favoured by: Psionic, Inventor

A weapon that does no damage, but instead paralyses, stuns or restrains the target(for example a web or psionically locking up their muscles). Melee-ranged only at first rank, attains range and higher DC/area at higher levels. DC is usually Will or Reflex and at Rank 1 requires a touch attack roll. Overcharging adds +1 target and increases the DC by 5.

Rank 1: DC 10+WILL mod+Level, paralyses for one round, one target, melee-range.
Rank 2: Two targets, 10 feet range.
Rank 3: Three targets, two rounds.
Rank 4: Five targets, two rounds, DC 15+WILL mod+Level.
Beyond 4th rank, every rank increases # of targets and rounds of effect by 1.

Super Senses

Favoured by: Powered Armour, Cybernetic, Inventor

Confers senses not usually possessed by humans. Heat vision, scent tracking, aura/lifesight, etc. Overcharging doubles the Sense and BAB boost.

Rank 1: Add one sense(non aura/lifesight), +5 Sense, +1 BAB
Rank 2: Add another sense(non aura/lifesight), +10 Sense, +2 BAB
Rank 3: Add Aura/Lifesight, +15 Sense, +4 BAB
Every rank beyond 3rd adds another sense humans do not have(or makes a normally marginal sense effective, like scent-tracking, tremorsense, etc.) and increases BAB by +1.

Super Speed

Favoured by: Powered Armour, Cybernetic

Characters start at speed Medium, Superspeed increases movement speed, dexterity, initiative and at high ranks, # of attacks/round. Overcharging costs two power points and adds another attack/round.

Rank 1: Fast speed, +2 Initiative, +2 Dexterity
Rank 2: Fast+ Speed, +4 Initiative, +4 Dexterity
Rank 3: Fast+2 Speed, +6 Initiative, +4 Dexterity, +1 attack/round
Speed increases by one rank every rank above 3rd, Initiative by +2 every rank, Dexterity by +1 every rank, another attack/round is added every rank divisible by 3.

Super Strength

Favoured by: Genetic, Cybernetic

"Overcharging" adds +50% of the boost offered by the current rank.

Rank 1: +10 HP, +2 Strength.
Rank 2: +15 HP, +4 Strength.
Rank 3: +25 HP, +6 Strength.
Rank 4: +30 HP, +8 Strength.
Every even rank adds +5 HP, +2 Strength. Every odd rank adds +10 HP, +2 Strength.


Favoured by: Psionic, Inventor

Even for Psionics and Magical/Divine characters, Telepathy allows them to stay in constant contact with those they choose to. However if those characters are not themselves telepathic, they cannot initiate contact with the telepathic character on their own. Further, the telepath can "scan" the area around them for lifesigns, using a DC 20 Sense check, success provides the number of sentient minds in the area as well as a rough approximation of their power and whether any of them are Psionic. The telepath also gains a +1 to hit against thinking, organic creatures and a +1 to WILL saves.

Expending a power point allows the telepath to skim the surface thoughts of a nearby creature, though it must either be visible to one of his senses or detected via making a telepathic "scan" prior. The victim must make a DC (5+Telepath's WIS modifier+Telepath's EMPATHY rank) WILL save to avoid having their thoughts read. A DC 20 Sense check from the creature makes them aware that someone is checking out their noggin', and any creatures actively trying to keep their thoughts hard-to-read get a +5 to their WILL save.

Weapon, Melee

Favoured by: Genetic, Cybernetic

A basic melee weapon that increases in damage as it advances in ranks, for Cyborgs and Genetics it's often some sort of implanted or chitinous blade, while Psionics summon some form of construct of pure force. Divine/Magical heroes likewise summon a weapon.

The more ranks of ability that are invested in this weapon, the more powerful it becomes. Additionally, at every level past the first, it may be given an additional modifier.

Rank 1: 1d8 damage
Rank 2: 2d6 damage
Rank 3: 4d4 damage
Rank 4: 5d4 damage
Rank 5: 5d6 damage
Every rank beyond the 4th adds another D6 of damage.

Modifiers are Stealthy(not available for Psionic and Magic/Divine subtypes, their weapons are already out of sight when not summoned), Accurate, Harmful and Armor-Piercing.

Stealthy weapons are able to be hidden(for instance a Genetic's chitin blades might retract into his arm when not in use) and will not be revealed except with deep scans or surgical exploration. Accurate weapons receive a +1 to hit and this boost may be taken multiple times. Harmful weapons receive a +1 to damage, which may be taken multiple times. Armor-Piercing weapons ignore 2 points of DR, it may be taken multiple times.

Weapon, Ranged

Favoured by: Psionic, Magical/Divine, Powered Armor

Functions exactly like the Melee version, except for being ranged. Psionics may fire force blasts or telekinetically sling objects at their enemies, Genetics might have organic dart launchers,

Rank 1: 1d6 damage.
Rank 2: 1d10 damage.
Rank 3: 2d6 damage.
Rank 4: 4d4 damage.
Every rank beyond the 4th adds another D4 of damage.

Modifiers: Stealthy, Accurate, Harmful, Armour-Piercing, Multi-Shot, Explosive

Stealthy(not available for Psionic and Magic/Divine subtypes, their weapons are already out of sight when not summoned), Accurate, Harmful and Armour-Piercing function exactly like they do for melee weapons. Explosive may be taken multiple times, and for every rank taken, it can strike one additional enemy near the primary target(this does not mean the weapon is literally explosive, it can also be the spread of a shotgun or flamethrower-style weapon), secondary targets get a Reflex save to avoid damage(DC is 8+the attacker's attack bonus). Multi-Shot permits the attacker to spread his dice of damage among multiple targets, each target receives the full damage bonus from any advantages or modifiers the weapon has, and only one attack roll is made.


Alter Ego

Your identity as a powered character and your identity as a civilian are separate. If exposed, you may spend time to re-establish a new civilian identity.


You know a great pawn store, have a wealthy patron or you have a militia-style cache of guns in your basement. The upshot is that whenever you get some downtime, you can "cash in" all your Gear for their original value in Gear Points and redistribute them.


Adds +1d6 damage to enemies that are not aware of the character, either due to stealth or distraction. A further +1d6 damage is added every level divisible by 3. Taking this feat a second time increases the damage to d8, a third time increases it to d10. Works for ranged and melee weapons both, but not explosive attacks.

Experienced Combatant

Take once to allow you to add your Wisdom modifier to Initiative, take twice to allow you to add it to your AC, take thrice to allow you to add it to your attack rolls. At 5th level you can add 150% of the mod, at 10th 200%, and so on. Rounded up.


+4 to a chosen skill, increases by +1 every even level.


+1 to hit with a chosen, non-Ability weapon, increases by +1 to hit every level divisible by 3, adds +1 to damage every even level.


+5 HP, +2 HP for every level beyond the first. Doubles your CON modifier for the purpose of health.


+1 Gear Points at 1st level, +1 gear point at every even level beyond.


+1 to a chosen Save, boosted by a further +1 every level divisible by 3.


Taking this feat for a given faction allows you to use Legality 2 equipment within their borders, taking it a second time gives you access to Legality 3 equipment without being harassed by local security. This privilege may be lost if you abuse it or piss off the faction. Having this level of access with two factions is unlikely, and Legality 4 items cannot be made legal this way.


Can be chosen multiple times, whenever you choose this feat, you can attack with one more weapon or ability per round without penalty. Attacking with one weapon over your limit is a -2 to hit with all attacks, two is -4, three is -6, and so on.

Hotblooded Leader

Take once to add half your Charisma modifier to your allies' Initiative, twice to add it to their AC as well, thrice to add it to their attack rolls. Works for Level+2 allies. At 5th level it adds 100% of your Charisma modifier, at 10th 150% of it, and so on. Rounds up. A given character can only be boosted by one Hotblooded Leader at a time.

Millionaire Playboy

You're rich, like ridiculously rich. You get +1 gear point(doesn't improve with levels), and once per adventure equal to half your Charisma modifier you can use your fat loads of cash to ease over negotiations(read: you can bribe people), doubling your Empathy skill rank for a given negotiation where you use your money(and it makes sense). An attempt is only used up if the bribe is accepted, however, some people may be offended or even hostile if the attempt fails.

Sacrificial Intercept

If an ally is hit by an enemy attack, you may make an Athletics check with DC equal to the attack roll. If you succeed, the ally takes no damage(if the attack is explosive, they may still be considered a secondary target) and you take the damage they would have taken instead. Any regeneration and DR you have apply as normal. May be declared before or after an attack is rolled(in the former case, if the attack misses, nothing happens) but before damage is rolled.

Temporally Unstable

Every day you can reroll a number of your own rolls(attacks, damage, saves, skill checks), this number is equal to (level+CON mod/3, rounded down). The new roll is always kept, even if it's worse, though if you have any more temporal instability rolls left for the day, you can use those to reroll the new roll as well.


Gear is bought with Gear Points, all powered heroes start with three, all unpowered heroes start with six. License 0 items are allowed to be carried by civilians, License 1 items must be registered but are legal for all but felons, License 2 items are security forces only, License 3 items are military-only, License 4 items are illegal in most places.

Name Damage/AC Boost/DR Boost License Gear Cost Special
Knife 1d4 DMG 0 0 None
Sword 1d6 DMG 0 0 None
Pistol/Revolver 1d6 DMG 1 1 None
Shotgun 1d8 DMG 1 2 None
Assault Rifle 1d8 DMG 1 3 Crit Range 19-20, X2
Machinegun 1d10 DMG 2 3 None
Sniper Rifle 1d10 DMG 2 4 Crit Range 18-20, X3
Power Blade 1d10+2 DMG 3 4 None
Mono Blade 1d10+2 DMG 3 5 Halves DR
Grenade/Rocket Launcher 4d6 DMG 3 5 Explosive, area-effect
Laser Rifle 2d6+2 DMG 3 5 Halves DR
Plasma Rifle 3d6+2 DMG 3 6 None
Pain Beam 0 DMG 4 6 DC 20 Will/Fort save or be unable to move
Toxin Rifle 0 DMG 4 7 DC 25 Fort save or lose 2d6 CON(temporary) and 3d10 HP
Grenades 2d6 DMG 3 2 A pack of 6, replenishable during downtime. Explosive
Assault Cannon 2d6+6 DMG 3 7 Requires 18 STR or an Exo Suit to use
Explosive Pack 4d6 DMG 3 4 Comes with a detonator, requires a DC 20 Athletics check to throw and detonate in the same round, or to get clear in one round before detonating
Body Armor DR +2 0 1 None
Military Armor DR +4 1 3 None
Light Powered Armor DR +6 2 5 None
Exosuit DR +6 2 6 +8 STR
Hazard Exo DR +6 3 7 +8 STR, +8 FORT Saves
Force Shield AC +2 1 1 None
Prometheus Shield AC +6 2 2 None
Aegis Field AC +10 3 3 None
Hades Shield AC +10 4 6 +1d10 to melee damage
Accelerator Field +2 Ranged Weapon DMG 2 2 Boosts one ranged weapon
Railgun Mod +4 Ranged Weapon DMG 3 3 Boosted one ranged weapon, halves DR
LTL Mod Weapon knocks targets out upon reaching 0 HP, instead of killing 1 1 Boosts one weapon
Force Mod +2 Melee Weapon DMG 1 2 Boosts one melee weapon
Phase Mod Ignores DR 3 4 Boosts one melee weapon
Artemis Mod +2 Ranged Weapon Accuracy 1 2 Boosts one ranged weapon
Medical Items
Aid Kit 1d8 Healing 0 1 None
Nanite Kit 2d8 Healing 0 2 None
Booster Injection 20 temporary HP, no roll required 2 2 Mildly addictive
Advanced Medical Kit 3d8 Healing 0 3 +4 to Forensics-related work
UAC Lazarus Kit 4d8 Healing 3 4 Can revive and stabilize the recently dead
Misc. Equipment
Protection Suit Resistance +1 1 3 Cannot be worn with armor over Military
Safe-T Suit Resistance +2 1 5 Cannot be worn with armor over Military
Shell Suit Resistance +3 2 8 Cannot be worn with armor over Military
Stealth Gear +5 Stealth 3 2 Only assists in hiding sound and sight
HUD Glasses/Monocle +1 Ranged Attack, +5 Drive/Fly/Sail/Piloting 1 4 None
Standard Toolkit +5 Sabotage/Repair 1 3 Does not assist with Disarm
Military Toolkit +10 Sabotage/Repair 2 5 Does not assist with Disarm
High-Tech Laptop +5 Computers 1 2 None
Pseudo-Sentient Core +15 Computers, +10 to three Knowledges 4 6 +10 to computer-related Sabotage actions


Skill ranks are capped at Level*3 + 4.

Athletics: Swim, run, jump, climb. STR.

Bureaucracy: You can deal with forms. INT.

Computers: Hack, research, program. INT.

Contacts: You know people, or you know people who know people, or you know how to get in touch with the people who know people. CHA.

Drive: Pilot groundcraft. DEX.

Empathy: Read emotions, detect lies, minor psionic ability. WIS.

Fly/Sail: Pilot aircraft and ships. INT/DEX.

Knowledge(Field): General knowledge skills, broad. INT.

Interest: Knowledge of a hobby and related subjects, may include craft/repair skills. INT.

Medical: Judge someone's medical condition, recognize diseases or injuries, use medical items. INT.

Using Medical Items: 1-15: 50% effect, 16-20: 100% effect. 21-25: 150% effect. 26+: 200% effect. Medical items have uses/day equal to the user's Medical rank divided by 3.

Repair: Fix broken things, jury-rig equipment. INT.

Sabotage: Demolitions, traps, disabling devices/locks and generally being a dick. INT.

Sense: See, hear, smell, feel. WIS.

Space Piloting: Pilot spacecraft. INT/DEX.

Stealth: Don't get seen, don't get heard. DEX.

Combat Maneuvers


Disarming must be declared before an attack is made, and does no damage whether it's succesful or not(exception: explosive weapons may treat the disarm target as an adjacent target, meaning that the wielder of the weapon can be hit if he fails his REF save). Firstly the target must be hit with a normal attack from the weapon, and then a succesful Sabotage check must be made(DC: 10+Target's level+target's attack bonus with the weapon). Multi-Shot weapons can disarm multiple targets at once if they're all hit.


Attempts to knock down enemies must be declared prior to making the attack roll. If you want to shove someone over into a trash compactor, or off an edge, or just to knock them on their ass for the hell of it, you first(obviously) need to make a succesful attack. Then you make an Athletics skill check(DC: 7+Target's Level+Target's Athletics Rank+Target's STR mod). Succesful knockdowns do half the damage that the weapon would normally do, if the attacker wishes this. Ranged weapons cannot do knockdowns unless they're explosive or the attacker comes up with a good justification for it(for instance some sort of clever trick shot).

Minor Abilities

All Powered heroes are assumed to have some minor "fluff" abilities, usually watered-down abilities of what they can otherwise do. A Psionic with Ranged Weapon can probably flick someone's ear telekinetically without rolling for it, a Divine/Magical character can probably light his cigarettes with a small conjured flame, Cybernetic heroes most likely have a can opener in their hands and an Inventor can likely has various minor devices on him at all times. If you plan to do anything gamechanging with them, though, it's probably a good idea to only do so with stuff that's been established beforehand, and none of these abilities can cause any damage.

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