Dane Owens

Dane fancied himself quite the shootist, but the truth is that life in the city guard just isn't conductive to demonstrations of bow skills, only the mindless drudgery of walking the beat, scaring beggars away, breaking up drunkard fights and so on. So Dane left for a life of ADVENTURE!, as bored city guardsmen are wont to do. As luck would have it, he fell in with a group of competent would-be adventurers, and faced DANGERS and MYSTERIES at their side. He doesn't quite see all this "protect the innocent!" thing some of his fellows (well, alright, just Jorus) have going on but hey, they're nice(ish) people, the pay is good, he gets to actually use his bow for a change, and he bought himself the fanciest hat in the history of fancy hats! Or so he thinks. He has also obtained two other parts of his dream outfit - a magnificent cape, and a fantastic fur coat. He truly is the party's most stylish member.

He is currently wearing MIRRORED SUNSHADES which provide the wearer with an aura of COOLNESS. Our fancy archer has had an attitude change as a result: he is now COOL and BADASS.

STR 15 Hit Prob Norm; Damage Adj None; Weight Allow. 55; Max Press 170; Open Doors 8; Bend Bars/Lift Gates 7%
DEX 17 Reaction Adj. +2; Missile Attack Adj. +2; Defensive Adj. -3
CON 14 Hit Point Adjustment 0; System Shock 88%; Resurrection Survival 92; Poison Save 0; Regeneration Nil
INT 9 Languages 2; Spell Level 4th; Chance to Learn Spell 35%; Max. 3 of Spells/Level 6; Illusion Immunity -
WIS 8 Magical Defense Adjustment 0; Bonus Spells -; Chance of Spell Failure 25%; Spell Immunity -
CHA 11 Maximum # of Henchmen 4; Loyalty Base 0; Reaction Adjustment 0

Level 5 Fighter, True Neutral

Saving Throws
Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic: 11
Rod, Staff or Wand: 13
Petrification or Polymorph: 12
Breath Weapon: 13
Spell: 14

THAC0: 15

Movement Rate: 12

Unencumbered 0-55
Light 56-85
Moderat 86-115
Heavy 116-145
Severe 146-170
Max. Carried Weight 170

Weapon Proficiencies: 6, +1 for Language, 1 left to spend
Long Bow ***
Dagger *
Short Sword **
Penalty: -2

Specializing in a melee weapon provides a character with two main benefits: first of all, he gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls and a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon; secondly, he gains an extra attack once per two rounds. A 1st-level fighter normally attacks once per round, but a 1st-level long sword specialist attacks three times per two rounds.


Characters who specialize in the bow gain a +1 bonus to hit at any range (normal range penalties still apply, of course), an increased rate of fire, and a new range category: point-blank. Point-blank is any shot of 30 feet or less. At point-blank range, the character gains a +2 to damage. In addition, bow specialists can automatically fire first as a very fast action if they have their target covered. This supercedes the specialization rules found in the Player’s Handbook.

Weapon Style Specialization: Missile Weapon

Some heroes specialize in fighting with ranged weapons; Robin Hood and William Tell spring to mind as good examples. Characters who choose to specialize in missile or thrown weapon style gain two benefits. First, they can move up to half their normal movement rate and still attack with their full rate of fire, or make a full move and attack at half their rate of fire. Second, they gain a bonus of –1 to their AC against enemy missile fire while attacking with a ranged weapon.

Language: Common

Nonweapon Proficiencies: 5, 1 left to spend

Bowyer/Fletcher # of Slots Required 1; Relevant Ability Dexterity; Check Modifier -1
Riding, Land Based # of Slots Required 1; Relevant Ability Wisdom; Check Modifier +3
Rope Use # of Slots Required 1; Relevant Ability Dexterity; Check Modifier 0
Swimming # of Slots Required 1; Relevant Ability Strength; Check Modifier 0

Equipment: Long Bow, 3lb, Size L, Type (P), Speed Av(7), Reach -, Missile ROF 2/rnd

Sheaf Arrow (60) 6lb, Size S, Type P, Speed -, Melee Reach -, Missile Range S 10/M 20/L 34 Damage S-M 1d8/L 1d6, Knockdown d6

Flight Arrow (60) 6lb, Size S, Type P, Speed -, Melee Reach -, Missile Range S 14/M 28/L 42 Damage S-M 1d8/L 1d6, Knockdown d6

Pile Arrow (60) 6lb, Size S, Type P, Speed -, Melee Reach -, Missile Range S 10/M 20/L 34 Damage S-M 1d6/L 1d6, Knockdown d6 - at short range, target's armor AC is penalized by 2 points

Incendiary Sheaf Arrow (28) 3lb, Size S, Type P, Speed -, Melee Reach -, Missile Range S 14/M 28/L 42 Damage S-M 1d8/L 1d6, Knockdown d6 - 1 extra point of fire damage if target fails a save vs. death magic, can also ignite combustible materials

10 x Incendiary Arrow (1d6 fire damage, can set things on fire)
4 x Frozen Arrow (1d6 cold damage, can freeze things)
6 x Corrosive Arrow (1d6 poison damage, can melt things)
5 x Blunt Arrows (no damage, but they hurt like a motherfucker when applied to the head)

Dagger 1lb, Size S, Type P, Speed Fa(2), Reach 1, Missile ROF 2/rnd, Missile Range S 2/M 4/L 6/, Damage S-M 1d4/L 1d3, Knockdown d6

Short Sword 3lb, Size S, Type P, Speed Fa(3), Reach 1, Missile ROF -, Missile Range -, Damage S-M 1d6/L 1d8, Knockdown d6

Armor: Jorus' old platemail.

Belt, riding boots, breeches, REALLY FUCKING FANCY HAT ROBIN HOOD WOULD BE JEALOUS (no seriously it's checkered, green/blue/red, it's got feathers from six different types of bird, it's got false jewelry at the top for that extra shiny touch, it's the most awesome hat ever and what do you mean it looks ridiculous I spent 100+GP on this) EVEN MORE FANCY FUCKING CAPE ERROL FLYNN HAS NOTHING ON THIS SHIT, SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME FUR COAT IN SIX DIFFERENT PASTEL TONES, MIRRORED SUNSHADES OF COOLNESS WILLIAM GIBSON WOULD DIE FOR THIS SHIT AND NO WHO THE FUCK CARES THAT HE IS A CYBERPUNK AUTHOR AND NOT A FANTASY ONE good cloth cloak, gloves, surcoat, sword scabbard, backpack (2lb), small belt pouch x 4, candles x 10 (1lb) chalk x 10 (1lb), Phial of Whatever*, silk rope (100 ft., 12 lbs) quiver (1lb) wineskin (1lb)

*The Phial of Whatever is the name Owens gave to this small, unremarkable bottle found during his adventures. Only a stroke of luck made him try shaking it, activating the magic within. It provides light like a lantern without any heat or combustion. He's discovered no other powers (if there are any) but it's a handy device.

AC -1 HP 60

XP 35,000 next level 64,000

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