DarkStalker Hanged-Ghost

Name: Mysteriously unknown

Alias: Darkstalker Hanged-Ghost


In the dark of the night one winter day,
there was one survivor, child astray,
who surviving chaos, chosen from above,
a vow of revenge on those who wronged him.
An amazing warrior, second to none,
crossbow katanas gleaming like the sun,
a tragic past, foretells he is the one,
a brooding nature gives justice to them!
Silent and swift, a beacon in the night,
he's fighting for all free people's fair right,
no true evil could understand his plight,
the evil tree, his dark shadow will trim!
You who oppose him, prepare to be toast,
a deep, complex self, DarkStalker Hanged-Ghost!

Strength 5
Dexterity 3
Constitution 2
Intelligence 3
Perception 1
Willpower 1

Life Points: 47/47
Endurance Points: 29/29
Speed: 10 mph / 5 yps
Essence Pool: 10/10

Qualities (10 points):
Acute Senses [Vision] (2 Points): +3 bonus to anything Vision-related.
Fast Reaction Time (2 Points): +3 to Initiative
Nerves of Steel (3 Points): +4 to Fear tests
Hard to Kill 3 (3 Points): +9 HP, +3 to Survival tests.

Drawbacks (+5 points):
Emotional Problems (Fear of Rejection): +1 Point
Honorable 3 (Bad at deception, -2 to -6 penalty, strict code of rules): +3 Points
Secret 1 (omigosh he has a secret identity!): +1 Point

Favor & Equipment

30 Favor left.

2 Katanae [1d10*5]
2 Crossbows [1d10*5]
Class IIa Armor [15]
(Note: for fluff purposes, he has two crossbows with katana bayonets.)

Cell Phone: Free
Headset: Free
Auto-Injector: Free
Geiger Counter: Free
Binoculars: Free
Camera: Free
Multitool: Free
Rope: Free
Lockpicking Set: Free
Tool Kit: Free
Handcuffs: Free

He has strength five, of course he can carry all this stuff, jeez.

SKILLZ - 33 pts total

Acrobatics 5 (10 pts)
Climbing 2 (2 pts)
Escapism 3 (3 pts)
Hand Weapon (Katana) 5 (5 pts)
Hand Weapon (Crossbow) 5 (5 pts)
Language (English) 5 (5 pts) [Free]
Drive (Motorcycle) 3 (3 pts)
Stealth 5 (3 pts)

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