Dawnguard Fortress

Owner: Katrin Blackstone

Notable Residents: Keneloke Drudd, Jorus Ironlungs, Dane, The Mage

Facilities: Forge, quarters, kitchens, storage cellars

Defenses: Towers, crennelations, sleep poppies

Keneloke, 8th Level Human Fighter
Orcish Halberdiers, 18
Orcish Crossbowmen, 9
Orcish Scouts, 6
Orcish Berserkers, 3

Misc. Servants/Population
Orcish Children & women, 50
Orcish Shaman of Ilneval, 3rd Level
Orcish Shaman of Ilneval, 1st Level, 2

Stored Supplies

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