Daybreak (Alteration)
Regency: 2/province level initial, +1 per domain turn (three months) per province level to maintain.
Gold: 1 GB
Duration: Special
Required Source: 3
Required Character Level: 5

A spell manufactured by Leon, this creates artificially long, clear sunny days and short nights in the province in which it was cast. If no other weather-affecting events or spells affect the province, the province starts having days composed of 24 hours of daylight.

The spell can be contested by another weather-altering spell; in this case, the two regents spend regency points to counter each other as if they were contesting a holding in the province. The caster of the spell gains the initial number of regency points as a bonus to the roll, and the enemy spell caster can use regency points freely to change the target number. The winner of the roll dispels the other's spell, and their spell takes full effect.

The effects of Daybreak continue for as long as the caster is willing to pay RP to maintain it.

The material costs are 1 GB.

Special: For every Source level that is not controlled by the caster in the province, the initial RP cost grows by 2, as if the province level was higher. However, this has no effect if the controller of the source is working with the caster.

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