Dead Orc Report

The Yalcaster council is alarmed by the party's report of more orcs, undead and "excavations" below the city. After hurriedly convening behind closed doors, they give the party an open mandate to explore the levels below Yalcaster and report on them as often as possible. Other adventurers will also be in the depths by now, they note, but the party, as officially sanctioned explorers, will receive a bonus of 500GP a piece for every dungeon level they pacify, with bonuses for any particularly large or dangerous threats they handle(liches, beholders, drow warbands, illithids, vampires, etc.).

To help get them equipped, and as a further reward for what they've already cleared, every party member is given a pouch of 500 gold pieces.

They'd like a report on these undead-filled ruins the orcs have been excavating as soon as possible.


He'll sell the dead orcs' four battle axes, light crossbows, medium shields and chainmail armor, unless of course someone orc-sized wants some of those. He'll share the money equally among party members.

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