Ghost Ship

Operation "Ghost Ship"


A stricken ship was detected in trans-Neptunian space on a course for the inner planets. Ozma intelligence suggested that there was a high chance of the ship being related to one or more x-threats, possibly Exsurgents. Task Force Charon was dispatched to investigate.


Charon performed acceptably, investigating the ship and encountering multiple hostiles, now confirmed as degenerate biomorphs produced by Cognite. Further investigation suggested that the ship's stricken status and the madness of the crew were related to experiments with Epsilon-level Asyncs and possible Exsurgent technology. A crew of agents from Stellar Intelligence arrived mid-mission, but were dealt with by Charon, their ship was captured and used as a projectile to knock the ghost ship off on a "safe" course.


Unprepared for a kinetic object at such a size and speed, Titan's orbital defenses were unable to destroy the ghost ship before it impacted the moon's surface. Reports from our operatives on Titan suggest that they subsequently had to deal with an Exsurgent attack on one of their outlying settlements. The situation has been contained, no exsurgents are believed to have survived.

No members of the Stellar Intelligence crew survived, but Stellar Intelligence agents on Titan have recovered one or more agent stacks from the wreckage of the ghost ship.

One member of the ghost ship's security crew is unaccounted for. Suspicions are that he may have survived and contacted Firewall, be aware that he likely harbors hostility for Task Force Charon if encountered in the future.

The stack of chief virologist Olav Kafka is also unaccounted for.

The true identity of operative [REDACTED] remains uncompromised, minor cosmetic surgery and/or resleeving suggested.

Final Assessment

Mission Performance: Acceptable
Mission Reward: 10k Credits per member, 20 O-Rep per member, 10 c-Rep per member, 10 Rez Points per member

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