Bright TV

Bright TV


Welcome to the hottest new show of the Bright Republic… G.O.D.S.! We'll be following a real team of Foreign Ministry Troubleshooters as they work to keep the Bright Republic safe and prosperous!

All episodes are real, but may have been edited to omit sensitive information and disguise the identities of sensitive personnel. Please do not attempt anything you see on this show at home. Viewer discretion is advised. Rated PG-13.


Running time at the moment is WEDNESDAYS at 8pm CET. It's the same time as my X-COM game you dumb dongs. Do the math.

It's perfectly normal Godbound chargen, remember to have access to some sort of offensive power, ideally, and don't be too serious. Your characters are Wordbound or otherwise superpowered with Word-esque powers(i.e. they're mechanically the same as normal Wordbound, but you can fluff them differently), and were captured by the Bright Republic. In exchange for not being lobotomized, killed or tossed through a Night Road, you've been slapped with a tracking bracelet/collar and been volunteered for wetwork beyond the Bright Republic's borders(you can still visit the Bright Republic, but aren't allowed to use your powers there or try to establish cults there)… accompanied by a TV crew, because the Foreign Minister has a large stake in one of the Bright Republic's major cable networks and they need new content.

Your character may see this as a way to fame, or may be looking to break free as soon as possible.


Bugbear, played by DisgruntledFerret
Bobby, played by Mark.
Ethilin, played by Sanev_Khan

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