New Ettingame

Possible settings for the new game! The actual campaign can be any number of things, I'm just seeing rwhat kind of setting people want to run first.

For now just assume we're using FATE or maybe BESM.


Using the ol' fantasy setting again! Dwarves, dragons, etc.! The exact location is up in the air so this is probably the broadest option as far as potential games go.

Votes for: Ferret, Cirno

BESMecha 2

Set about twenty years after BESMecha! More planets colonised, FTL ships, medicinal nanotech, mesh inserts, etc. etc. Otherwise more newtypes, maybe in mecha. Also more space. SPACE

Votes for: Ferret, Purple, Ran


Based on the CthulhuTech stuff I've been covering in FATAL And Friends, only rewritten to not be terrible. Earth (maybe the solar system) in the future, sci-fi stuff and magic rituals, maybe spaceships and mecha, that kind of thing.

Votes for: Purple, Cirno, Ran


That hypothetical setting I was tinkering with a while ago where everyone lives inside a fast-food themed Dyson sphere and has sci-fi adventures with talking chicken nuggets.

Votes for: :(

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