This is an ancient, leather-bound tome, with interestingly cracked brown skin and slightly yellowed pages. It is clear this is one of many such tomes, though you are unsure whether it is intentionally designed to look ancient and full of wisdom. Possibly. On its front, besides a very obvious stain from someone leaving a coffee mug on it, someone has carefully written in very neat writing: "PROJECT DEMONIC WARRIOR BEAST". Though the name is very self-explanatory, you feel it lacks the snappiness and charm of a code name.

DAY 1: Trepsos saw an avatar of the Sibl Sibilant Beast in his dreams last night, or so he claims. A single-headed baboon-like creature which charged him ith the creation of a powerful fiend-beast, one that may be used against Demogorgon's enemies. A great boon has been promised in return.

The others are arguing about whether it was Aameul or Hethradiah. As the smartest man on the island, I continue to not care.

I have accepted the task, since I pay no personal price - my soul remains free of Demogorgon's grasp. I may continue seeking power from the Abyss unfettered.

[Days 1-3 on the next few pages are arcane calculations and surprisingly detailed pencil sketches of various animals - mostly monkeys, Aldaanian wildlife and birds - with labelled cross-sections, alongside similarly academic drawings of what appear to be various lesser fiends; the further you go, the more the ape-like bar-lgura appear.]

DAY 4 DAY 7: Days 4-5 were spent in unrelated meetings with the ixach ixitach ixitxachitl; yesterday I attempted to summon a bar-lgura, as I have decided they are what I need, but so far I have had no luck. It also occurs to me that a temporary summon may not be enough, as well. Would one called with a Planar Binding consent to such a thing? I will find out.

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DAY 8: Tchik suggested I try to summon a demon, and have it hunt enemies of Demogorgon on my behalf. I will forgo Planar Binding for now and have Malynn use the priestly Ally spell if she is not too busy eating raw meat and not knowing how to read. I expect a bebilith will suffice, as they routinely hunt demons, and Trepsos has agreed to pay the demon's price if his task is successful.

Update: Found a beblith bebilith, "Azalmanth", who will hunt bar-lgura for me. He demanded payment in magical items, and upon inspecting our inventory, became enamoured with a particularly old piece of magical headgear. I agreed to the bargain, and we shall receive bar-lgura (live and dead) soon.

[Most of the rest of the journal is more diagrams and sketches of bar-lgura organs and mundane creatures, with scattered notes in a mixture of Common, alchemical formulae and magical equations. From what you can tell, most of these experiments were failures, and in many of them the "parts" were ruined before the creature was completed.]

[Whether the experiment was a success is unknown; twenty pages later, on DAY 12, someone has spilled coffee on the presumably open tome and ruined the rest of the pages.]

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