Desdemona Kilgore

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Symmetrical runes means you don't get it backwards in a mirror
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That feeling when you have to be both daddy's princess
AND make up for your little brother's total lack of masculinity


Born to a pair of grasping, yuppie shitheads in a Neo-Dallas suburb, the universe decided to balance out Desdemona's towering height, intimidating intellect, frightening physical prowess, and feral beauty with a huge, gaping hole where her soul should've been. The second of three siblings, her childhood had been spent in sports and supplemental after-hours schooling, and endless criticism of her grades, performance and appearance to maximize her educational and earning potential. Her parents were less than pleased when she used most of an athletics scholarship on a combat-sport package to better compete in lingerie hand-egg blood sport instead of the traditional Dallas Blonde out for her MRS degree. It also proved their concerns about western medicine correct, albiet instead of autism, the injections caused an acute case of transhuman murderbeast; during sophomore year at uni, a powder puff charity game turned lethal when she got a little too competitive. Charges were dropped, but academia no longer held its appeal. Fortunately a number of private security contractors were hiring, and several bush wars later she had a skill set to go private with. Also, stabbing out your eye and growing it back makes for a great party trick.

Like many of her parent's generation, Desdemona dreams of a simpler, 1950's lifestyle and value system, except in her case its 1950 BCE. Wanting to run around a fog drenched forest praising dark gods and carrying a brain stained copper axe while wearing nothing but dreads and blue hallucinogenic mushroom paste is her cultural heritage and you better fucking respect it. Demonology as a hobby eventually paid off, and one apprentice man-bitch demon blob later, she's happy to see how she can help improve her home town (by turning it into a hell-mouth)


275 points

150 points
Body: 5 (-50)
Mind: 5 (-50)
Soul: 5 (-50)

Derived Stats:
Attack Combat Value: 5
Defence Combat Value: 5
Damage Multiplier: 5 (+1 in unarmed melee due to superstrength)
Health Points: 75
Energy Points: 50
Initiative (+2 superspeed lvl 1)

113 pts

Companion (140pts), Hello Darkness, Undocumented Immigrant, Scrunt Elemental (-4)
Extra Actions 1 (-15)
Features: Appearance 1 (-1)
Heightened Senses, Sight, Hearing (-4)
Power Flux, creation (Minor/guns) 3, (-15)
Power Flux, (minor, super soldier body horror fun) 5, depleting -1 (10ep/change) (-24)
Regeneration 1 (-10)
Reincarnation 1, 1mo (-10)
Super Strength 1, 1ton (-8)
Super Speed 1, 100km/hr (-12)
Tough 5, +25hp (-10)

SO, (Piece of shit little brother) -3
Special Requirement, easy (6000 k/cal resting) -2
Nemesis (That bitch Mackenzie from english class who's trophy wife to a CEO AI) -2

19 points
Acrobatics (Jumping), lvl 1 (-1)
Area Knowldge Neo-DFW (Fucking Frisco), lvl 1 (-1)
Intimidation (Physical), lvl 1 (-2)
Law (Security), lvl 1 (-1)
Occult (Bootleg Demonic Magic), lvl 2 (-4)
Performing arts (Fast Talk), lvl 2 (-2)
Street Sense (Imminent Violence), lvl 1 (-2)
Military Science (Tactics), lvl 1 (-2)
Sports (Hand-egg), lvl 2 (-2)

++Power sets

1: Passive (Age 2, Disease 2, Poison 2) 12, Sixth Sense (Danger) 2, Armor 6
2: Armor 20
3: Invisibility (sight) 12pts, Stealth lvl 2 (6pts), Sixth Sense (Danger) 2
4: HTH, Weapon 5, Incap 7, Acc 3

++Gun combos

1: Gyrojet assault rig: Weapon 7 (14), Range 3, Auto 3, Hands -1, Ammo -1, Area 1, Penetrating 1

++Hello Darkness

Body 3: 30pts
Mind 3: 30pts
Soul 3: 30pts

Small (+20)

Powerflux, Primal Demon stuff 4 (16 pts variable) (-60)
Reincarnation 1 (-10)

140 pts total


6/19 do NOT kill interns. +10 points

EXP Spent 10/10

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