Dikastes Kkantuenessets

Kkantuenessets, better known by his title - Dikastes, is a 712 year old ghost from the Scythe cavern valley and the now-fallen Empire of the Swaying Gold.

As a Dikastes, Kkantuenessets is a sworn templar of the Temple of Weights, a servant of the Code of Grain - the sacred set of laws written by the goddess Seris. His task is to enforce the laws of the Empire and to spread civilization to unenlightened people.


Kkantuenessets is a ghost. He is a tall man, usually dressed in normal (salted) clothes. His face is framed by a black beard and neck-length hair. His clothes are usually white, according to the codified uniforms of the Temple of Weights. While adventuring, he will wear armour with draped white cloth, pinned with a magical golden symbol of office. He will use a two-handed sword or a mace and shield for combat, or a sickle if need arises.

In casual situations, he will usually wear one of two sets of clerical robes.

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