Doc Bruno

Doc Bruno

Bruno Hammerworth has had a problem with aliens ever since his father was abducted, and has a heartfelt desire to stop whatever they're up to. Prior to his sudden career change, despite his beefy appearance, he was just a nice family doctor from the States with no combat training. Due to this, he has terrible aim, and he compensates for it by using weapons that are harder to miss with.


Strength: 3
Dexterity: 1
Constitution: 4
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 2
Perception: 1

Derived Stats:
Life Points: 40/40
Endurance Points: 32/32
Essence: 12/12
XP: 2/60 (available/total)


Brawling (Str): 4
Computers (Int): 1
Dodge (Dex): 4
Driving(Drone): 3
Engineering - Cybernetics (Int): 1
First Aid (Int): 4
Guns [Heavy Weapons] (Dex/Int): 4
Medicine (Int): 4
Psionic Assault (Wil/Per): 2
Psionic Resistance (Wil/Per): 2
Smooth Talking (Wil): 4
Stealth (Dex/Per/Int): 1


Inspired (3 points): You have access to psi talents and gain +5 Essence.
Ambidexterous (2 points/4 XP): You can make a "free" second attack with the weapon in your off hand without any multiple attack penalties. Beyond that second attack, normal penalties apply.
Armory Access, X-COM (2 points): (not used yet)
Drone Commander (1 point + 32 XP)
Poor Focus (+1 points): -3 to any Aim actions.


Bio-Manipulation - Bio-Electric Charge
If the psionic succeeds at an unarmed attack, they may use this power to deliver an attack with the same stats as a Tazer instead. Can also recharge small batteries. Costs 1 Essence and 5 Endurance points to use.

Bio-Manipulation - Bio-Electric Blast (3 Points/6 XP, Prerequisite: Bio-Electric Charge)
If the psionic succeeds at an unarmed attack, they may use this power to deliver an attack with the same stats as a Stun Prod instead. Can also recharge car batteries. Costs 1 Essence and 5 Endurance points to use.

Bio-Manipulation - Carapace Growth (2 Points/4 XP):
The psionicist or anyone he touches gains 5 armor per point of Dexterity that they sacrifice(this effect lasts 10 rounds in combat, ten minutes outside of it, unwilling targets roll Psionic Resistance+Constitution vs the psionicist's Psionic Assault+Willpower), targets reduced to -1 or less Dexterity this way are paralyzed as they're trapped within a hard, but immobile, carapace. This power costs 1 Essence and 5 Endurance to activate.

Energy Control - Photon Control (2 Points/4 XP):
Allows the user to intensify or dampen light sources at will, including sunlight. For a cost of 1 Essence, this can be used to grant a +4 or -4 to any stealth rolls in an area(by adjusting the light level in the area) for several minutes. It also allows the user to briefly intensify light sources to provide directional flashbang effects, at a cost of 2 Essence. Functions exactly like a Flashbang, except it only affects vision, and friends can be selectively excepted by rolling a Psionic Assault+Perception check, allowing the user to exempt one character per success.

Telepathy - Thought Shield (2 Points/4 XP):
Increase your Psionic Resistance by 2 for every 1 Essence spent, lasts five rounds in combat and five minutes outside of combat.


Punch: 1d4*Str [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
Kick: 1d4*Str+1 [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
Bio-Electric Charge: 1d6*4
Bio-Electric Blast: 1d6*6
Flamethrower: 1d6*2 per turn, 10 ammunition/3 reloads
Mortar Shells (3): Ground Zero 3 (1d8*10), General Effect 8 (1d8*8), Maximum Range 15 (1d8*4)
Grenades (3)


Light Alloy Armor, Special (Protection 20, Encumbrance 1; full functionality against Gauss and Plasma weapons)
Class IIa Armor (Protection 15, Encumbrance 0) / Class IV Armor (Protection 40, Encumbrance 3)
Riot Shield (Protection 25, only protects against attacks from the front)
Hearing Protection (-3 penalty to all hearing-related checks, but halves the Hearing penalty from being affected by a Flashbang.)
Medical equipment
Miniature Elirium Reactor (installed in drone)
Hind-D Rocket Pod (installed in drone)
Mars Rover (34/34 points)
- AI: Standard Drone AI (6): May act once every round, cannot take multiple actions. 6 points between Guns/Stealth/Hand Weapon/Notice/Dodge, Perception 3.
- Chassis: Hovering (4): Two weapon mounts, 30 Life Points, Str 2, Dex 4.
- Upgrades: Advanced Motion Sensors (2): +4 to Notice.
- Upgrades: Advanced Armor (8): 30 armor.
- Upgrades: Alloy Hull Reinforcement (6): +10 Life Points, counts as non-human armor for purposes of alien weapon penetration.
- Upgrades: Camouflage Hull (2): +4 to Stealth.
- Upgrades: Self-Destruct Charge (-): Can explode like a Mortar Shell on command, takes up an action, and counts as a destroyed drone in terms of rebuilding.
- Upgrades: Upgraded Vision Modes (2): The drone has night vision and thermal vision modes, can take Aim actions.
- Weapons: Ramming (0): Does not consume a slot, 1d4*Strength damage, unlimited ammo, melee range only.
- Weapons: Rocket Pod (-): Replaces all drone weapon slots when in use, acts as Rocket Launcher (HE rockets) with semi-auto ability, 32 ammo.
- Weapons: Small Laser Weapon (4): 1d8*6 damage, 20 rounds. Treat like a laser weapon.
- 40 Life Points, 30 Armor; Str 2, Dex 4, Per 3; Guns 2, Stealth 1+4, Notice 1+4, Dodge 2.

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