Doctor Borakkis

Doctor Borakkis

Was he a man turned into a gator, or just a gator who gained sentience? Nobody knows, but now he's back, baby. 8 feet tall, 400 pounds. Addicted to bath salts and attempts to sell them whenever he can.

Likes: swamps, drugs, fighting (while on drugs), tasty baked pastries (No, he doesn't eat people), people who cut drugs (unforgiveable)
hates: cybernetics, computers in general, people who assume he's going to eat them (very racist)

5 Strength
2 Dexterity
4 Constitution
3 Intelligence
4 Willpower
2 Perception

44(50) Life Points
54 Endurance
21 Essence

2 Hard to Kill(1 to 5 Point): +3 Life Points per point of Hard to Kill.
3 Matter Over Mind(3 points): You can spend 4 Essence to replace a mental(Int, Wis, Per) stat with your Strength or Constitution for one roll.

Florida Man: Drugs have double the positive effect, but withdrawals have twice the negative effect.
One In A Million: When rolling a natural 1 or 10, assume that the first exploding die is another 1 or 10. For every further "explosion," roll twice, and take the worst/best result as appropriate.

2(4) Acrobatics/Dodge(Dex)
2 Athletics(Str/Dex/Con)
4 Brawling(Str/Dex)
4 Craft (Drugs, including Bath Salts) (Dex/Int)
4 Doctor(Int/Dex)
3 Intimidation(Int/Will)
3 Science (Chemistry) (Int)
2 Sleight of Hand(Dex)
3(2) Stealth(Dex/Int/Per)
3 Survival(Int/Will)
2 Throwing(Str)
3 Traps(Int)


Gator Maw (Fleshtearer) - In addition to increasing your dietary options, it also allows you to do 1d6*Strength damage with a bite.
Prehensile Tail - Lengthens the spine and provides an additional limb. This may be fuzzy, scaly, chitinous or entirely mechanical. It lacks fingers, and thus can't be used for some types of fine manipulation, but improves balance and agility at the cost of enlarging the owner's profile and making them easier to spot. +2 Dodge, -1 Stealth.
Pineal Upgrade (Psi Powers)
Adrenaline Flood (5 Essence) An alerted target can ignore all injuries for the duration, even fighting into deep negative Life before collapsing, and gains +2 Strength and Constitution for the duration. An unalerted target collapses into spasming cramps. Target must be touched. Lasts for a number of minutes equal to a Willpower+Doctor check.
Regeneration (10 Essence) Initiates the target's bodily self-repair mechanisms at high speed, even to heal injuries that would normally scar. Heals a number of injuries equal to the successes on a Willpower+Doctor roll, starting with the worst injured body parts, then affecting head, torso and limbs in order of descending priority.


0 Bite (1d6*5)
0 Punch(1d4*5)
0 Tail/Kick (1d4*6)
0 Knives (Thrown) (1d4*5) - You can also measure drugs with these.
15 Class IIa Armor (15 Protection) - Natural scales.

"Bath Salts"

Effect: +1d4 Strength, +1d4 Initiative, +1d4 Constitution, -(1d4+1) Intelligence, -(1d4+1) Willpower
Duration: 12 Hours
Withdrawal: -2 Strength, -3 Initiative, -2 Dexterity

"Bath Salts" are unpredictable and made in a wide variety of ways. Not all "bath salts" have the same effects, but the general effect is to make the user stronger, faster, largely immune to pain and completely irrational. Paranoid hallucinations are also common. Some are injected, some are smoked, some are dissolved and drunk. The withdrawal effects universally make the user feel weak and enervated.

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