Doctor Philodendron

Name: Philodendron, Doctor
Appearance & Description: Doctor Philodendron is basically a walking, talking, Venus Flytrap that's four feet tall. He left his patch of plants behind when THE GRAZING SPIDERGOATS came for them, and he never found his way back because he's also completely fucking blind. This does not, however, stop him from balancing a pair of wire-frame glasses on top of his mouth. Despite a crippling fear of animals he's still smarter than most people, his main ambitions are to either A) develop a bioplague to kill all spidergoats, letting him be fearless of animals no longer or B) somehow develop eyesight so he can at least see the horrible things coming.
Age: 10 years old
Alignment: Neutral


Str: 6(-1 to Hit, Damage & Force Doors)
Dex: 16(-2 to AC, +2 to Missile Attacks, +1 to Init)
Con: 13
Int: 14(+5% technology roll)
Will: 16
Cha: 11

Max HP: 41
Current HP: 39

Thac0: 19(-4 to hit due to BLINDNESS, effective Thac0 23)
Missile Thac0: 17(-4 to hit due to BLINDNESS, effective Thac0 21)
Melee Thac0: 20(-4 to hit due to BLINDNESS, effective Thac0 20)

AC: 4(Studded Leather, 6, -2 for Dex)

Saving Throws
(Page 50)

vs Energy: 15
vs Poison/Death: 12
vs Stun: 14
vs Radiation: 13


Dwarfism(Physical): 4 feet tall, +1 to attack vs Normal or Larger opponents
Sensory Deficiency(Physical, Drawback): Blind!

Phobia(Mental, Drawback): Animal

Animate Seeds(Plant): My seeds can move. Fuck you.
Radioactive Emissions(Plant): 4d6 RADIATION DAMAGE in a 150' radius, at will. Save for half damage.


Gold: 0

Studded Leather(AC6), black leather coat, totally bitchin'
Longbow(1d8 damage)
Arrows: 100 Arrows
Mace(1d6), mailbox at the end of a stick

Draft Horse, "Puffy." Can see heat, can't run for more than five minutes without passing out, is deaf as a post.

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