Dominions Bestiary



Horror Mantis

Hitboxes: Humanoid
Armor: 3 All Locations
Weapon: Width Killing, Ambidexterous 4
Attack Pool: 10d
Defense Pool: 4d
Counterspell Pool: 3d
Sense: 6
Traits: Magic Being

Gore Tide Horror

Hitboxes: Body(30)
Armor: 0, half damage from all physical attacks(round up)
Weapon: Width+3 Killing
Attack Pool: 10d
Defense Pool: 8d
Counterspell Pool: 4d
Sense: 2
Traits: Magic Being, Awe 5, Fire Resistance 2, Frost Resistance 2, Poison Resistance 2



Bloodhenge Master Druid

Spells: Bleed, Hell Power, Agony, Bloodletting
Hitboxes: Humanoid
Armor: None
Weapon: Width Killing
Attack Pool: 6d
Dodge Pool: 4d
Counterspell Pool: 6d
Casting Pool(Blood): 6d
Sense: 3


Dark Vine

Hitboxes: Legs(10), Body(20)
Armor: 1(all locations)
Weapon: Width+1 Shock
Attack Pool: 8d
Dodge Pool: 2d
Counterspell Pool: 2d
Sense: 1

Really Weird Monstrosities

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