Urist Sheltercudgels is a moody, bitter dwarf, and unpleasant company; with a quick temper and a quicker tongue, he often finds himself at odds even with his good friends. He deals with the solitude of outdoors and keeps animals for company frequently, though he does make an effort to spend time with those dwarves who he genuinely cares about. He is bigotted towards sentient non-dwarves.
Urist doesn't take much care of his surroundings, forgetfully leaving doors unshut and hacking through bushes without care, though he is extremely careful not to leave a trail. He has a decent aeshetic sense, finding well-crafted dwarven clothing and tools in the highest regard, and will often pick nteresting flowers or rocks up before forgetfully treading on those less impressive.
Urist has difficulty remembering names, though he has a good grasp of faces. He is not fussy about what he eats, often returning home with his travelling rations untouched, having eaten wild berries and freshly caught rabbits. He takes extra crossbow bolts with him everywhere, returning soon after he begins running low. He is also known to keep a few boltholes- pun intended- where he keeps emergency rations, a change of clothes, and spare weaponry.
Urist is wiry and skinny, and rarely grooms himself; when he does, however, he tends to shave his beard entirely. His hair is a light brown, and his skin looks ruddy and tanned. He tends to wear greens and browns for camoflage purposes, and constantly smells of dogs.
Urist joined the group to escape his reputation as a troublemaker.
Urist's goal is to prove himself as useful and reliable, and improve his reputation.
Sense: 2 Body: 2 Brains: 3 Coordination: 3 Command: 1 Cool: 1
Ambusher: 4
Animal Trainer: 5
Animal Caretaker: 4
Marksdwarf: 4
Endurance: 2
Axedwarf: 2
Awareness: 2
Skinner: 1
- Axe (60)
- Crossbow (50)
- Amazing crossbow bolts
- Two Hunting Dogs (30)
- Four Dogs (20)
- Leather Armour (50)

Belor Smokewinter is a lively, witty dwarf, though suspicious and often paranoid of others. He generally tries to spend as much time on and off duty with other dwarves, be they friends or strangers, even deliberately spending time with those dwarves he dislikes- times filled with sarcastic remarks and banter.
Belor maintains alertness as a skilled wrestler, but maintains his day-to-day activities as a carpenter, fletcher, and bowyer. Easily distracted, he often spends time doing jobs outside his trade, reading, or chatting to others. He does, however, like most of his work, especially making furniture; nonetheless, he dislikes creating arrows, finding straigthening shafts an awkward and unenjoyable process. His constant flitting between minor jobs has also left him some prowess of cooking, making himself think of himself as a bit of an epicurean.
Belor generally dresses in heavy-set, warm clothes, finding himself easily chilled; over these, he often straps a leather apron. He also wears gloves whenever possible, and keeps his beard relatively short and loose. He loves to play practical jokes, though he finds himself unable to take them when played on him, often hypocritically lecturing the offender. He has a great love of fragrant woods, and often turns them into pot pourri to place around his bedroom and workshop. He especially beloves his greatest successes, and frequently keeps them for himself or to pass as gifts.
Belor thinks of himself as a lothario, and has been known to flirt with dwarven and even non-dwarven women, especially those with long hair. He is also rather vain, posing to his own reflection, despite his average looks. He is extremely overconfident in both himself and others, assuming hismelf the baseline for "great" and assuming those better than him are of legendary levels.
Belor was forced to join the group as a punishment for missing a deadline.
Belor wants to become wealthy and influential, and wants the fortress to be great.
Sense: 2 Body: 2 Brains: 1 Coordination: 2 Command: 3 Cool: 2
Carpenter: 5
Bowyer: 4
Wood crafter: 4
Bone carver: 5
Cooking: 2
Wrestling: 2
Dodge: 1
- Carpenter's Workshop (100)
- Bedroom (25)
- The Ravening Maggots of Infinite Suspense

Dumat Wildivories is a pretty, cheerful young dwarven woman, with a slender and weak body by dwarven standards. Generally superstitious and easily startled, she spends as much time in quiet areas as possible, though no to the detriment of her social life. She has a great fondness of Dwarven Wine, and has nervously pilfered a barrel or two in the past.
Quick on her feet, Dumat often sets aside her pickaxe to make errands to other parts of the fortress; a very good miner, she also shows natural talent in spear-fishing, and has occasionally been seen sparring in the barracks- on her own, as she is far too scared of being severely injured (frankly, rightfully so); she infrequently finds herself ill, and thus has enough bed-rest, thankyou very much.
Dumat is the dwarven equivalent of a romantic, and enjoys stories of love and adventure. Her excellent sartotial sense cmbined with her prettiness has had her a few suitors, though a slightly boring personality, a nervousness in all areas other than talking, and a love of working has left her without a signifiant other. She speaks to children, animals, and even objects as if they were adult dwarves, often finding herself in awkward situations with the former.
Dumat shows a great sense of duty in her work, generally puting in a little extra work when possible. She also takes excellent care of her tools, especially her pick, though she frequently finds herself doing everything in the mine-shaft that doesn't deal with the laborious and tiring process of digging- including the actual design of the rooms, where her natural sense of style is a great advantage. She drinks a lot, even while working, and maintains a decent pace out of determination and frequent, short breaks, despite an unsuited physique.
Dumat was selected to join the group from her guild at home, in part because she made no objections.
Dumat wants to have a happy and quiet life, though she also has yearnings of a lively life full of danger and adventure.
Sense: 2 Body: 1 Brains: 2 Coordination: 4 Command: 2 Cool: 1
Mining: 4
Building Designer: 4
Fisherdwarf: 4
Speardwarf: 1
Engraving: 3
Swimmer: 2
Endurance: 2

Melancholy and easily bored, Kadol Inkylake is not known for her charm; indeed, her stoicism, assumptive nature and apathy make her few friends. A skilled wrestler, shield-user, swordsdworf and general fighter, Kadol tends to spend most of her time either sparring, looking glum, or occasionally doing hard-labour jobs for the fort- hauling massive bricks, turning pumps etcetera.
Kadol doesn't bother much with her appearance beyond braiding her hair and keeping herself groomed, paying little attention to her clothing beyond what armour compliments her weapon's selection. Prone to lethargy, she often reacts slowly to danger or offence- though her reaction often needs only be brief.
While generally disinterested, Kadol quickly forms opinions of most things, her judgemental nature filling in the blanks for her; for instance, she considers cats dirty, despite the evidence to the contrary. She spends most of her time around people either quiet or talking about her own (frankly cynical) opinions and philosophy on everything- including the people with whom she currently deals. Hard to rouse, she takes any anger at her statements with a bored disregard. The only thing she seems to take a great deal of enjoyment in is music and dancing- which she doesn't mix into her swordplay.
Kadol's fighting style mirrors her lack of commitment to most things: she uses no flashy moves beyond what are effective, and never so much fights her hardest as fights in a manner that will end things quickly. While she spends a lot of time above-ground, she's known not to like the sun much: a great deal of her surface-time is when it's overcast or during the night, and she often takes guard duty near the front entrance.
Kadol volunteered to go some place new and interesting. It failed to interest her.
Kadol has a number of well-hidden motivations, formost being to find interesting things. She also wants to gain a high military rank, and to avoid having to endure all the boring manual work she does in her times out of her call of duty.
Sense: 1 Body: 3 Brains: 2 Coordination: 3 Command: 1 Cool: 2
Dodge: 5
Swordsdwarf: 5
Armour-User: 5
Pump Operator: 1
Endurance: 4

Kennor Sunnyhammer is a quiet, yet sociable dwarf, often seen spending time listening to others. Attentive to detail and proud of his work, he enjoys handling and working with stone in many ways. He is quick to feel a gamut of emotions, but has excellent control of them, and enjoys being around children. He is a mason and miner.
Kennor enjoys any work with his hands, and isn't afraid to try new things, though violence scares him. He is extremely respectful of others, and demands the same; those who have somehow earned his disrespect are nonetheless treated with a polite coldness and avoided. He has an affinity for cats, and especially likes playing board-games with friends.
Kennor's hard-working nature tends to lead him to skip meals, especially if it allows him to eat with a friend. He dislikes large pools of water, though is not averse to bathing, carefully grooming and braiding his beard. He changes his clothes frequently, prefering to change into lighter clothing when not mining.
Kennor looks fairly old, even for a dwarf, his hair and beard grey as the stone he works with, with large ears and a long, slender nose. He dislikes killing vermin, and prefers to keep himself inside whenever possible. He tends to fall asleep quickly when drunk, though he has excellent temperance, and rarely allows himself to reach such a point, save for weddings and funerals- especially drinking more at funerals, as the concept of death and dying shakes him a little. His worst fear is likely to encounter the undead, though he has so far been safe.
Kennor volunteered to join the group.
Kennor's main goal is to make a name for himself and go down in history.
Sense: 2 Body: 2 Brains: 2 Coordination: 2 Command: 2 Cool: 2
Mining: 5
Masonry: 5
Stone Crafting: 3
Engraver: 4
Pacifier: 3

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