Personal Agent Assistant 
    Advantages: +30 Interfacing, Computer skills bought with CP are half price
    Disadvatage: Real World Naivette. Soc Stigma(AGI), No PSI. Social bough by CP are 2x cost
    Advantages: +10 to two skills, +20 to Networking(X) of my choice
MOrphs(Info, synths, uplifts)

    COG 20
    COO 15+5
    INT 20
    REF 15+5
    SAV 10
    SOM 15+5+5+5
    WIL 10

Credits: 5000+80000
Moxie 8

Ego Traits -50/+45
20    Adaptability 2
10    Eidetic Memory
10    Hyper Linguist
10     Math Wiz
-20    Black Mark 2(Fame)
-10    Real World Naivete
-10     Social Stigma(AGI)
-5    Blacklisted(Fame)

    o-rep 50

Slitheroid morph
    Implants/Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack,
    Cyberbrain, Enhanced Vision, Mnemonic Augmentation
    Augs: Chameleon Skin(low), Grip pads(Low), Ghostrider(low), Heavy Combat Armor(High), Thrust Vector(Moderate)
    Pneumatic Limb(Tail(Low)), Concealed Weapon Mount(Moderate), Radar(low), 360 vision(Low), Muscle aug
    Structural Enhancement    (Moderate), Hidden Compartment(Low), Magnetic System(Low), Shape Adjusting(High)
    Anti-Glare, Electrical Sense, Radiation Sense, T-Ray Emitter, 2x Extra Limbs(Hands)
    Hard Skeleton, Oracles, Medimachines, Thrust-Vector, Eelware, Retracting limbs, SKinlink
    Nanoscopic vision
    Total Cost: 35250

    Software: AR Illusions, Encyption, Exploit, Recognition, Firewall, Sniffer, Spoof, TacNet, Tracking,
    Standart muse 5000
    Total cost: 15750

Mobility: Snake (4/16), Rolling (8/32), Thrust-Vector
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 70
Wound Threshold: 13
Advantages: +5 COO, +5 SOM, +5 REF, Armor 24/24
Disadvantages: None
CP Cost: 20
Credit Cost: Expensive

Morph Traits: -20/+10
20    Tough 2
-10    Lemon    

Gear: 2250+21250+2500
     Brinker Homestead Defender|| AP-; 3d10+5(Avg:21); SA/; 18 mag/200 bat.
        w/ Extended Mag, Smartlink 
     +10 to Attack Test, +10 At Point Blank Range
     Damage increases to 4d10 at PB, Med range 2d10+5, long range 1d10+5, extreme (1d10/2)+5
    1250 worth of ammo(6 loads)

     Fa Jing Odachi (Machine Gun) AP: -6; DV: 2d10+8 (Avg 19); SA/BF/FA; Ammo: 40
    Integral Flash Suppressor, Silencer, Smartlink, Universal Mount
    Can fold down to the size of a 20th century briefcase when not in use. Undetectable by most scanners. 
    Cannot use smart ammunition. 21000
    1 mag of bug ammo(250)
    2 mags of AP(500)
    5 mags of plastic ammo(250)
    5 mags of hollow-point(250)
    1 mag of jammer ammo(250)
    1 mag of RAP(1000)
    5 mags of regular(250)
    5 mags of zzap(250)
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