Dungeon Crawlies


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The Dark Lord has fallen! This is not good, because he was paying your wages. It probably also voids your pension. Now the tunnels of his dark domain are filled with infighting, monstrous refugees, unholy usurpers and a group of dickhead adventurers who're killing and looting anyone in their path.

Are you going to avenge the Dark Lord because he praised your spike trap proficiency once?
Are you looking greedily at his throne? The one with all the skulls and spikes and the really comfy cushion padded with elf skin?
Are you maybe wondering what this 'surface' and 'outside' are like, now that nothing's keeping you here any longer?


None of you have ever seen the surface, or a surfacer, for that matter. But tales are grim. Apparently the surface is regularly scorched by an uncaring blaze from above, there's no safe cavern roof protecting you from airborne predators known as "birds" and it is, of course, full of cruel surface races like elves, humans, dwarves and their like, always looking to kill innocent monsters and turn their hide into boots while laughing.

Instead, you dwell in the safe underworld, on level 12 of your home dungeon complex. You've never been any higher than level 7, where the Dark Lord's lair is, and you're just above level 13 where the dungeon connects to the wider underworld and trades with other dungeons.



The basics of ORE are stat+skill determines your pool of rolled D10's. You then look for matches, for instance in a line of 10, 9, 5, 5, 5, 4, you'd have a "555"-match, that means a success. Generally the number of dice(width) determines how fast and strong the action is, while the actual number rolled(height) determines something about the quality(for instance, in combat it determines hit locations).

Expert Dice are dice that you set to a chosen number before rolling the rest. Master Dice are dice that you set to a chosen number after rolling the rest.


Wider actions go before narrower actions always. To dodge or parry, you must have a wider dodge or parry than the attacker(s), and can only dodge or parry shorter dice than your own.

Weapons generally do Width+X damage that's either Shock, Killing or both. Page 186 of the Reign book has many default weapons statted out. A location filled by Shock damage converts further Shock damage to Killing damage.

Half of all suffered Shock damage is healed automatically after a fight, healing Killing damage requires multiple days of bedrest of the attention of a skilled healer. Trying to use a limb filled with Shock damage for anything(or in the case of the Torso, doing anything at all), offers a 1-die penalty to all related actions.

Page 183 has armor. Armor is a flat damage reduction to the locations it covers. Flying is only possible in Light armor, Medium and Heavy armor penalize most physical non-combat actions(running, swimming, climbing, sneaking, etc.).

Height Hit Location Default Health
1 Left Leg 5
2 Right Leg 5
3-4 Left Arm 5
5-6 Right Arm 5
7-9 Torso 10
10 Head 4

Swarms of mooks are treated as single enemies, with each mook adding a single die to their communal pool, to a max of 15 dice. Any hit against them will take one out, with their Threat rating determining how good the hit has to be. Any set with Width or Height equal to or greater than the Threat rating takes one out of the action. Area attacks and morale attacks are also exceptionally effective against them, destroying or scaring away a number of mooks equal to their Area rating or the higher of the Width or Height of the Morale Attack. Mooks also can't get better than Width 3 on any of their attacks, instead making many smaller attacks.


All spells consume Spell Points to cast, if the character lacks the sufficient amount, they may instead choose to do an equal amount of Shock or Killing damage to their torso or head locations to "pay" for it.

Spells and schools of magic will be listed here: Mage Crawlies


Everyone starts with 1 point in each of the six stats and 100 points with which to "buy" their character. Costs are as follows.

Increasing a Stat by 1: 5 points.
Increasing a Skill by 1: 1 point.
Promoting a Normal Skill die to an Expert Die: 1 point.
Promoting an Expert Die to a Master Die: 5 points.
Learning a spell: 5 points.
Gaining a Magic Point: 3 points.

Stat List

Body: How huge and strong you are.
Coordination: Manual dexterity.
Senses: How well your un-elven eyes see.
Knowledge: Do you read Sutter Cane?
Command: Ordering people around.
Charm: Politely asking people to do things.

Skill List

Body: Athletics, Endurance, Fight(general fall-back skill for hitting things with other things), Parry, Run, Vigor
Coordination: Climb, Dodge, Perform, Ride, Stealth, Weapon Skill(specialized skill for hitting things with SPECIFIC other things)
Senses: Direction, Eerie(sense magic), Empathy, Hearing, Scrutinize, Sight
Knowledge: Counterspell(magic resistance), Healing, Lore, Strategy, Student(knowing specific niches of weird knowledge), Tactics
Command: Haggle, Inspire, Intimidate, Perform
Charm: Fascinate, Graces, Jest, Lie, Plead


Every player is allowed to pick 0, 1 or 2 Quirks at chargen.

Antimagical: The character gains a +3 to all Counterspell rolls but can never learn magic, and touching magical items gives them a rash. If they eat a mage, it causes severe food poisoning.
Bounty: Adventurers know this character and recognize them by sight, and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their presence in an area. Powerful adventurers will seek them out for combat, weaker adventurers will be cowed.
Chuunibyu: The character harbors a mighty sealed power, which they must refer to as often as possible, implying that it's troubling and potentially world destroying. Does it actually exist? No one knows. But the way they clutch that eyepatch…
Construct: The character is a built creation or assembled undead, rather than a living creature. This makes them perfectly resistant to poisons and removes their need to breathe. But it also means that they cannot regain health "naturally" and must be manually repaired instead.
Demonic: The character is a native of the Nether Hells by birth. They have access to an expanded list of Perks and spells, but are extra vulnerable to holy magic, items and locations.
Evolver: Every time the character acquires 10 XP, they may choose to "un-buy" up to half their physical stats(Coordination, Sense, Body) and half their Perks. These points can only be used to buy physical stats and perks, but need not be spent on the same things. This also causes some sort of cosmetic change.
Mascot: Suffers a 1-die penalty to all non-social rolls. Any time the character fails out of combat, it's humorous to the rest of the party and the next person attempting the same action gains +1 die to it. If the character is knocked out or killed in combat, the rest of the party gains a +2 die bonus to all rolls for the remainder of the fight to avenge their comrade.
Non-Humanoid(Lesser): The character has less body parts than a human(like a naga or a gelatinous cube). Every body part that's "missing" instead applies half its wound boxes(rounded up) to the torso.


Name Cost Effect
Ambidexterous 5 per level For every level of Ambidexterous, the character can perform another Body or Coordination action in the same round without suffering penalties, assuming they have enough spare limbs for it(i.e. you can swing two one-handed weapons without penalty, but you can't swing a two-handed weapons twice).
Aura of Darkness 5 The character can at will plunge an area around them not lit by direct sunlight into darkness, penalizing all surfacers' rolls that require sight by 3 dice. Torches and lanterns do not break the darkness, but magical light still works. Demonic characters only.
Dark Pact 15 This character knows the trick of making soul pacts. Any creature that agrees to a soul pact cannot violate the wording of the pact or they instantly suffer 10 points of armor-ignoring Killing damage to their head location. The target must be informed that they're signing a soul pact for it to be binding. Demonic characters only
Equipment N/A Spend perk points to own fabulous items.
Flight 10 Your character can fly. Whether by wings or magic, they still need to touch down and rest sometimes, so they can't stay airborne permanently. You cannot wear heavier than Light armor while flying, and suffer a -3d penalty to using bows or magic from the air. Being airborne can be used to make Depth Charges from above.
Invincibility 10 per point Like natural armor, but does not apply to magic or the character's Special Weakness(like a werewolf's weakness to silver, or a Demonic character's weakness to holy items).
Mage 20 Allows access to a school of magic, Mage can be bought multiple times for access to multiple schools. Mages also immediately gain 10 Magic Points. Upon buying Mage, the character immediately gains 2 spells.
Natural Armor 15 per point The character has a full-body carapace or similar, giving them a point of natural armor for every body part, per 15 points spent. Does not stack with worn armor.
Natural Weapons(Lesser) 5 The character's limbs or body are capable of doing Width Killing damage.
Natural Weapons(Greater) 15 The character's limbs or body are capable of doing Width+1 Killing damage.
Natural Weapons(Hellfire) 15 The character's natural attacks treat enemy armor as half its actual value(rounded down). They can be used in melee or thrown and do Width Killing damage. Despite the name, it can be fluffed as ice, acid or fire(pick one). Demonic characters only.
Natural Weapons(Toxic) 10 Enemies damaged by the character's natural attacks must succeed at a Vigor roll or suffer an additional point of Killing damage. This also applies to damage from Spiky.
Non-Humanoid(Greater) 5 per 2 limbs The character has more limbs than a humanoid and are proficient with them. Every time a limb of the appropriate type is reduced to 0 wound boxes, one of their spare limbs takes over.
Spiky 5 The character is covered in a thin layer of spikes, anything attacking them with their natural weapons suffers 1 point of Killing damage to the location the weapon is "attached" to(i.e. leg for a kick, arm for a claw swipe, head for a bite. In case of a bite, the damage is armor-ignoring.
Shapeshifter(Lesser) 10 Capable of perfectly mimicking voices and appearances(though fooling someone familiar with mannerisms and speech patterns is a challenge), this shapeshifting is merely a glamour and does not stand up to strenuous activity or combat. Cannot create more limbs than the character already has or mimic any Perks or Quirks.
Shapeshifter(Greater) 20 Capable of perfectly mimicking voices and appearances(though fooling someone familiar with mannerisms and speech patterns is a challenge), this shapeshifting is a fundamental alteration of the character's body shape and can be maintained through anything but unconsciousness. If given peace and time to perfect their new shape, the character can also re-allocate points from one physical stat to another(though at most a stat can be increased 2 points above its XP-earned base and lowered one point below base). Cannot create more limbs than the character already has or mimic any Perks or Quirks.
Shapeshifter(Succubus) 10 Like Lesser Shapeshifting, but the character picks a target and transforms into something they find attractive. The character has no control over what it is, but can end the transformation at any time. Demonic characters only.
Swarm 10 The character is, in fact, a swarm of smaller creatures(insects, rats, slime molds, ravens, miniature skeletons, animated dolls, etc.) acting as one. Their natural attacks are all Area attacks and they can easily squeeze through and into narrow spaces.
Swallow 10 Upon landing a successful natural Bite attack of Width 4 or greater, the character may choose to swallow the enemy. Swallowed enemies can only attack the character that has swallowed them and their attacks ignore armor. Swallowed enemies suffer 2 Killing damage to all body parts every round. The swallower can choose to disgorge the swallowed target at any point. Only available for characters with Non-Humanoid(Lesser or Greater) or Demonic.
Trapper 15 The character is some sort of ambush predator, perhaps they spin webs, or maybe they lay down organic bear traps. Any time an enemy engages them on their home ground where they have had time to prepare, they may take a free extra action in the first round of combat as their traps slow down or engage the enemy.


Name Cost Stats/Description
Ancient Sword of the Meth King 1 Meant to hang on a wall as decoration, but someone has been using it as a real weapon. At this point it's really just sort of a bent metal cudgel. Maybe it can be repaired? Width Shock.
Dungeon Passport 5 Identifies you as a legitimate dungeon resident. Some dungeon complexes put a lot of stock in these.
Healing Potion 3 Usually the realm of unsporting adventurers. This restores 4 points of Shock damage or half as much Killing, in order of: Torso, Head, Arms, Legs.
Treasureful Coffer 5 A little treasure chest that could potentially be brimming with any kind of loot. In fact it just contains your stuff, but adventurers don't know that, and will do any number of irrational things for loot.
Weapon, Light 3 Width Killing
Weapon, Medium 6 Width Killing+1
Weapon, Heavy 9 Width Killing+3, Two-Handed

Revised Armor

Name Locations Covered Armor Rating Weight Price
Fur/Leather Helmet 10 1 Light 3
Fur/Leather Jerkin 7-9 1 Light 3
Fur/Leather Boots 1-2 1 Light 3
Iron/Bronze Cap 10 2 Medium 6
Iron/Bronze Breastplate 7-9 2 Medium 6
Iron/Bronze Boots 1-2 2 Medium 6
Iron/Bronze Mail 3-9 2 Medium 9
Blacksteel Helmet 10 3 Heavy 9
Blacksteel Breastplate 7-9 3 Heavy 9
Blacksteel Boots 1-2 3 Heavy 9
Blacksteel Mail 3-9 3 Heavy 9
Blacksteel Full Plate 1-10 3 Heavy 12
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