Dylan "Dynamo" McAllister

Dylan “Dynamo” McAllister

Stats (130)
Body 3 (30) [+2 Enhanced]
Mind 6 (60)
Soul 4 (40)

Combat Value 5 (Melee 6)

Damage Multiplier 5

Normal- 2d6+6, 20/26 damage, ignore 8 armour
Impact - 2d6+6, 30/40 damage, ignore 16 armour [3/3]

2d6+7, 20 damage, ignore 8 armour

Standard- 2d6+5, 25 damage, ignores 16 armour, on a hit target is restrained (Nailed to nearby objects) [3/3]
Supercharge- 2d6+5, 35 damage, ignores 40 armour, can only be used in unison with Tarala [1/1]

Capacitor Bomb- 2d6+5, 9 damage, 3m blast [3/3]
Blinded unless roll 12 on body test, -3 penalty. Blinded for number of rounds equal to degree of failure
Irritated unless roll 12 on body test, -3 penalty. -3 to all actions for a number of rounds equal to the degree of failure.

Electro Grenade- 2d6+5, 19 damage, 10m blast, remains for 3 rounds [3/3]

Capacitor bullets- +1 Weapon Level, +1 Penetrating, Targeted (Alpha Beasts)- Applies to up to three allies firearm attacks.

Health 50/50

Armour Rating 8


Electric Charge
[Weapon 3 (6), Aura 3 (3)] (9)
-Dylan can increase his internal charge to the point it can deal serious harm to an opponent if he can properly convey it.

Natural Superconductor
[Special Defence 2 Electricity (4)] (4)
-Dylan’s body is laced with flexible carbon based conductive channels, a natural outgrowth of his electricity generation ability. While this leaves him permanently marked, it also means he is totally immune to electricity.

Power Source
[Dynamic Power 1 (20)] (20)
-Dylan’s reserves aren’t what they used to be, drained by his battered body and suite of cybernetic enhancements. Still, he can power most small machines and his gadgets well enough.

[Power Flux Devices 5 (25)] (25)
-Dylan’s tinkering has left him with a diverse portfolio of electrotech gadgets for him to utilise as necessary.

May use up to twenty points of gadgets at any one time.

Blade Gauntlet
Item 6
[Weapon 3 (6), Penetrating 2 (2) (8)] (4)]
[Weapon 5 (10), Penetrating 4 (4), Charges -6 (-6, 3 shots) (8)] (4)
-The blade gauntlet is a logical extension of its predecessor, the Impact Blade, modified for increased functionality. When extended from its wrist mounting, the blade extends over the back of the hand, where it can be used to stab, slash and parry, augmented by Dylan’s natural charge. Additionally, the sheath incorporates three small aqueous cells, allowing it to be extended in a powerful thrust three times before rearming, reminiscent of the action of the original impact blade.

Item 6
[Weapon 3 (6), Penetrating 2 (2), Accurate 2 (2), Range 2 (16)]
-A large and clunky device, built by Dylan to provide at least some ranged firepower after his experiences and in his new situation. Its solid structure is hard to damage, and filled with capacitors, all storing as much charge as possible to augment Dylan’s now lessened reserves. Still, it packs enough of a punch to dent armour and tear flesh, and since he loads it with any ferrous metal he can scavenge, it might just make an enemy wish they’d had a tetanus jab.

Capacitor Bomb
-Item 3
[Weapon 1 (2), Flare 3 (3), Irritant 3 (3), Range 2 (2), Area 2 (2), Charges (-6) (3 shots)] (6)
-Held in pockets on his belt, these highly unstable capacitors are supercharged, then thrown, creating highly electric explosions, not doing much damage but being very useful distractions and confusions.

-Item 5 [Telekinesis Metal 2 (8), Special Movement Wall Crawling (2)] (5)
-A cluster of powerful electromagnets. By varying the current to the various systems and manipulating them as a pair, Dylan can achieve some interesting effects, although the power he can exert is limited.

Item 8
[Weapon 4 (8), Range 2 (2), Tangle 2 (2), Penetration 4 (4), Charges -6 (3 shots)] (10)] (5)
[Weapon 6 (12), Range 3 (3), Penetration 8 (8), Charges (-9) (1 shot), Assisted (-1), Dependent (-1), Consumable (-2) (Focus- Tungsten alloy rod)] (11)
-Dylans latest development, the Coilgun is a three foot long tube of metal and wire, five bulky coils along its length betraying its purpose. Loaded with long metallic rods, it accelerates them at great speeds, and given an additional source of current, the results can be truly devastating.

Item 3
[Weapon 3 (6), Duration 2 (2) (5 rounds), Area 3 (3), Range 1 (1), Charges (-6) (3 shots)]
-A development on the initial concept of Dylan’s capacitor grenades, rather than exploding these supercharged capacitors discharge their vast internal current over a large area, seriously shocking anyone not properly insulated.

Capacitor Rounds
Item 1
[Weapon Level +1 (2), Targeted (Alpha Beast) (2), Penetrating +1 (1), Imbue -2 (-2), Dependent (firearm) (-1)]
-A gadget designed to help his allies, these bullets are made in numerous calibres, to fit most standard firearms, and consist of a precharged capacitor, designed to discharge on impact. As well as giving any weapon they’re used with a little more punch, they also give firearms a much needed capability against the Alpha Beasts.

Supersenses 1 (Electricity) (2)
-Dylan, despite the flaws of his sight and hearing, has other talents. Specifically, the ability to sense electrical currents. At longer ranges, he can sense large currents and their general charges and flows, while up close, he can sense minute differences and alterations which give him an edge in deciphering complex electronics.

Cybernetics (42)
-Enhanced Body 2 (20)
-Tough 1 (2)
-Armour 4 (8)
-Superstrength 2 (16), Recovery -7 (-7, 1 hour use, wait 5 mins per minute of use to use again) (9)
-Land Speed 4 (8) (-7, 1 hour use, wait 5 mins per minute of use to use again) (1)
-Jumping 2 (4)
-Dylan came back changed. His body battered and broken, he cooperated with those that found him to install a set of now defunct and powerless cybernetics into his body. His own internal charge aided in their use, and his technical knowledge turned them from obsolete into functional, and his continual tinkering is slowly and surely making an asset. Still, they take their toll, and his once ludicrous electric charge is reduced to a trickle by the need to power them. Better still, overcharging the components can enhance his strength and speed to levels he could previously only achieve through his gadgets.

Melee Attack 1 (3)
Melee Defence 1 (3)

Skills (9)
Biological Sciences 1 (1)
Electronics 1 (2)
Computers 1 (2)
Mechanics 1 (2)
Medical 1 (2)
Physical Sciences 1 (1)
Driving 1 (2)

Defects (-9)

The Scars of Mutation [Marked (-3), blackened veins and eyes, Sensory Impairment (-6), no low light vision, short sighted, serious tinnitus) (-9)

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