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Title: Dull day
Mood: Bored
Nothing much on the Omni today, town seems kinda dull as well. Aint seen the editor, so no new edition yet, and I just can't get any good tunes down (Still, check out yesterdays lightning remix, modified it a Little bit).

Gonna take a wander to the market, see if any new tech bits are in. Got some interesting ideas for a new gadget (Will post results/schematics later), just need the parts.



Title: Oh Shit!
Mood: Panic
Goddamn! There was this crazy guy in the market, and animals everywhere! They knocked over all the stalls and then a friend of mine went chasing after him, and I followed along.

We found him, after a chase through the black (Hate that place so goddamn much), and kinda beat him up a bit, and he jumped down a hole. Then OH SHIT CONTROL turned up and I was so goddamn scared.

Oh yeah, there was this big machine there too. No idea what it does, and I didn't get a picture. Woulda loved to examine it though.

Anyway, Control let us go, but we gotta go see 'em later. A chance to go to the Yellow is nice, but I'm still kinda worried about Control. Can't trust 'em, specially not with muties.

What's worse, I didn't even get the parts I needed! Gonna have to go back to the market when I get back.

Title: Big Damn Hero
Mood: Exalted
Okay, so… I actually did it. I actually used some of my gadgets, and fought some skullers, and… Holy hell, it actually worked!

So, we were on the train, coming back after our meeting with Control (I'll post about that later), and then the Skullers attacked our train! Its crazy. That kinda thing only happens in bad TV movies…

Anyway, so, the train gets attacked… And I fry some of 'em! My pals, Kerman and Percy helped too, and so we're safe… But then there's this girl, and they kidnap her!

So, we decide to follow, try and rescue her, you know? We stole one of their cars, and chased 'em, and eventually found this weird arena place.

Kerman and Percival both fought these two random guys, but I was up against this guy in an old lifter suit, called himself Wrecker.

So, I break out that something special I'd been working on- My Strength Augmentation Frame.

And I won! Okay, I took a few hits, and the frame is kinda broken now, but I broke his suit and hurt him as well, and we rescued the girl!

So, yeah, good day. Field test some gadgets, and I'm already getting damn far with the redesigns. I'll post some sketches I've done along with this entry.


Title: A new job
Mood: Conflicted
So… We're working for control now. Yeah. If you read this blog, you know how I feel about them, but… Well, we don't have much of a choice.

I don't think I should really talk about it. Just… It feels wrong guys. What should I do?

Title: A friend?
Mood: Optimistic
First day on the job… And it isn’t bad! It’s pretty easy, the people are kinda nice, and it doesn’t feel too much like betraying my kind… But yeah, not so bad.

Working on some new gear, working on some new tunes, check them out!


Title: What the?
Mood: Worried
Okay, things got Weird today. Like, really weird. The ordinary job has very much stopped being ordinary. Fucking control, I Knew this would happen. How the hell are we gonna deal with this :/

Title: They know where I live
Mood: Terrified
Fuck. Fuck this shit. Oh gods I knew this would happen. Fuck.

Title: I don’t even…
Mood: Confused
So… Someone broke into my house, gave me a mobile phone, and then had a perfectly reasonable conversation with me while at the same time threatening my life. What the Fuck?

Title: Big Day
Mood: Exultant
Big job. Can’t say many details, but… It was good. Got to test out some new toys, finished the job, and the best part? I had a rematch with Wrecker.

The bastard didn’t stand a Chance this time. My new strength augmentation frame (Diagram below) is one thing… But I’ve got something special I’ve been keeping secret. A goddamn Railgun. He took a shot full to the chest, and he was pretty much down, and it tore apart anything without armour like it was nothing! This has been an amazing day.

Title: Oh gods
Mood: Worried
One of them came to my house. What the holy hell, she tore a hole in my god damn roof. Oh well, I’ll just patch it up… Such a damn mess though, it’s really annoying.

Title: Huh
Mood: Confused
They’re actually pretty nice people. It’s odd. After all we’ve heard and witnessed… They’re honestly pretty nice people. Not exactly normal, but then again, none of us are… But not bad.

And the next job… Yeah, it looks to be a good’un.

Title: Red Zone!
Mood: Exultant
So… Saying this will probably get me arrested, but fuck it. We got into a Red Zone. I’m not saying how or why, but Goddamn. Half you conspiracy nuts would Kill for that chance, and I got it.

And… I can’t really say anything about the shit I saw, but Damn, it was cool. They have this unique equipment and stuff, it gives me loads and loads of ideas. It didn’t go perfectly, but… Well, it went well enough!

Title; Fucked up
Mood: Depressed
No details. All classified. But because of my stupid ass, more than a hundred people are dead. Now all I can do is try and clean up this fucking mess…

Title: Pissed off
Mood: Angry
Fuck them, fuck this, I hate everything. Everything I’ve worked for, everything I’ve done, everything I’ve tried to do… Fucked in the ass and betrayed. Screw it, I’m going for a walk. I need to clear my head…

[Account has gone inactive]


Entry 1

So… I'm trying to write a diary, while I'm recovering. Get my thoughts down, distract myself from the pain. Maybe stick it on the blog later, if I ever get back to somewhere with a reliable omni connection.

So… After we saw Samantha last, when she stole Flora, and then Kerman and Percival… I can't even remember the specifics.

I just went off alone, like an idiot, and the goddamn skullers jumped me.

I thought they were gonna kill me, I was so scared… But these were mean. Tied a rope under my arms and dangled me in a river.

I'm not sure how long I was there. Could have been hours or days… Hell, could have been minutes for all I could tell. It hurt so much, I was wishing I was dead… And then the rope broke.

I can't remember much after that. Pain, impacts, flashes of places and people on the route… Eurgh. And speaking of pain, damn these limbs… I'll write more tomorrow.

Entry 2

So, I woke up on this beach. The sand was grey, from all the muck, although the stuff near me was red. That wasn't a good sign.

I'm lucky the scavenger folk found me. If they hadn't, I'd probably be dead. They gave me a little food, and water, and some basic medicine, and after they found I could provide electricity, I was able to trade that for more food, water and aid.

Although… Even at that stage, it felt like I was running low on juice. The water had seriously drained my charge. It was kinda worrying.

Anyway… It turns out my arms and legs weren't healing properly. Perhaps they were too badly hurt, perhaps it was something in the water, I don't know… But anyway, it was unlikely I'd be able to use them again.

So, I traded again. They had some old cybernetic implants, without a power source. If they gave them to me, and helped me install them, I'd provide electricity for as long as it took me to recover. A fair exchange, really, as the cybernetics were mostly junk.

And, that's where I am now. The implants are about 65% installed, but it’s still gonna be a while before I'm finished, and even longer to properly recover.

They seem nice enough people though. They don't have an omni connection, but the foods edible and the water is clean(ish), so that's better than most in these parts. They're also going the right direction, if I want to get back home, although at this pace its gonna take a while.

Entry 3

So, my first day up and about. I still can't walk much, and I'm using a pair of walking sticks (Wooden ones, so I don't shock people by accident)… But it feels good. The implants are working, and I'm feeling stronger every day. My charge has taken a hit… But its worth it, to be able to walk again.

The scavenger folk were a little annoyed that I can't give them as much electricity anymore, but I've helped fix a bunch of the tech they've scavenged, and now they don't mind so much. I even got an extra helping at lunch, since I managed to get an old microwave working and fixed the problems with the main oven, so that's nice I guess.

The children are avoiding me. I guess they've all been told about muties, and I can't say I blame them. A rat tried to bite my foot and died instantly. I worry I'll leave them with a bad impression…

I think one of the children might be a mutant. Karin, her name is. She's not as scared of me as the others, and they all avoid her too. Its sad. … But I've got more than enough to worry about myself.

I'm hearing some worrying rumours, too. Bad things having happened up ahead, some kind of disaster. I hope I've got a home left to go back to…

Entry 4

The limbs are fully functional now, I think. I can walk, and lift things. Heck, I'm actually feeling stronger than I used to! They still don't feel that great, but I'm tinkering with them a bit, so it should be better soon.

I'm helping out more around the scavenger’s camps. I still charge the batteries, but I'm also doing a lot of technical work. I think they're actually coming to rely on me a bit, which is gonna make it sad when I have to leave.

However, I'm also getting back into some of my own work. I've rebuilt a few of my old gadgets, with the limited supplies they have. I just don't have the juice these days, so I've had to redesign a couple, but they still work… mostly.

Still, its nice to feel a little accepted, despite being a mutant… And a cyborg now, I guess. I'm learning about the scavengers- the people, their work and their journeys. Apparently they found Karin, and took her in. They don't seem to suspect she's a mutant… Or, if they do, they aren't being open about it, yet. I sure hope the poor girl doesn't develop anything dangerous. I think they'd throw her out without a thought.

We've stopped hearing any new rumours from my home. The same old story of something bad happening, and no one wants to ask questions or take a closer look. Sounds like I'll have to make the last leg of the journey on my own… I hope there's something left for me to go back too.

Entry 5

I've taught Karin some mechanics and electronics. I caught her looking at me while I was fixing one of the generators, so I told her about it. She seemed interested, and bright enough, so I let her do some of the simple work in the 'shop. The scavenger folk seem to like the idea, and gave her an extra helping of food too, which was nice.

My limbs are stronger than ever, and I've sorted out their looks as well. I'm even learning to put more juice into them. I lifted up one of the carts to check the axle, almost without thinking, and the thing must weigh almost a tonne!

At our current pace, its a couple of weeks until I'll reach the point when I need to leave the scavenger. Its kinda sad. I like these people, and hope they'll do okay without me, but I've got to go home. They ask me to stay, say its not worth it, but… If I don't go, I'll never be sure if I didn't abandon them.

I've told them to take better care of Karin, and let her have access to my tools and such. Hopefully, if she gets her head around it, they'll be more tolerant of her if she develops the way I'm expecting.

I'm trading some of the gadgets I've built, along with batteries so they work, for enough food and water to last me the journey back. I'm taking enough tools and gadgets that I'll make it there, at least, although I hope there's something left there, otherwise I don't think I could make it back to the road.

Entry 6

I left a few days ago, and I'm making good time. With my legs, the weeks of journey will take a couple of days less than I thought, although I can only run at full speed for a little while before resting. The food is holding up better, too.

It was sad to say goodbye. I think Karin will really miss me, but the scavenger folks have promised to take better care of her, and I gave her my spare toolkit. I think they'll do alright, although these rumours about the skullers are making me nervous.

I built some new weapons before I left, and I'm very glad of it. I've seen quite a few bodies, of normal folks, muties and those damn skullers. If I find any, I'll hurt them just as much as they hurt me…

Its strange, to be going back. I've been away for quite a while, and from what I've heard, a lot has changed. I'll get there in a few days more…

Entry 7

What the hell happened here? The entire area is devastated, and there's so many dead… I've scavenged a few bits of tech I could find, and I've made my gun bigger. I'm Not gonna get caught off guard.

I found where my house used to be. Its a molten wreck, but I found a few useful scraps. Not much though… Still, hope it'll get me through the night. I don't have much food left…

Entry 8

So, I’ve hooked up with Samantha and what’s left of her Control group. Looks like things went bad, but they stayed. I always knew she was a good person, deep down. I’m doing what I can to help. This is my home, after all. Shame Percival and Kerman aren’t here, but I’ve got to make the best of it.

I’m not sure of Sam’s story though… Something about it doesn’t click. But, I’ve got no one else to ask, so I guess I’ll believe it for now. If I ever get out of here, maybe I’ll find some real answers.

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