Eclipseful Phasefriend

The Background!

What? You need another history lesson? I swear, you mammals are so slow-brained. Alright, one more time, and this time I'll be veeeeery slooooooow.

You're on Planet Earth! Yes, Earth, which it has always been called since time immemorial. You live on the island of Jaaaapaaaaaan, which is a crescent-shaped place in a huge sea! The only nearby landmass is the smaller, and more inferior, island of China to the west. Far to the east rests the vast continent of America, stretching from the Arctic to the Antarctic, it was once dominated by a dreadful and oppressive empire of humans.

Yes, humans, much like yourself, were once a dominant species on the planet Earth! But, no longer.

Humankind and birdkind, of which I am one, thank you, notice the feathers and beak, used to live side by side. Humankind inferior and envious of our glory, our mastery of the skies. Then one day, it became too much and they developed a terrible viral weapon to use against us! Fortunately they weren't as clever as they thought, and it backfired, killing most of them and crashing their civilization into the ground, leaving only a few million survivors. You're not one of those, of course, you were raised since, by an isolated group of survivors!

At least until your early years where we, glorious birdkind, found and rescued you, educated you in our superior science and culture, and gave you a place in one of our schools. You're not the only one to be given this wonderful chance, but be thankful for it anyway. Most of your fellow students, and all of your teachers, will be birds like myself. Can't leave it to savages like your race, can we now? Hopefully you'll be more competent than your forebears.

That lump at the base of your skull? The round one? That's a cybernetic implant we gave you. Just in case you're still susceptible to residual viral traces, it provides you with a constant stream of antibodies. Stop fiddling with it! You might break it, your inferior hunter-gatherer blood seems to have talent for breaking things…

-As narrated by Doctor Corvidus, head teacher of Raven High, located in the middle of the small city of Tokyo

Character Creation

Morphs available: Splicer. CP's: Half the amount that you'd normally have for EP, and the required amount spent on skills is also halved, on account of you being high school students, you're also unlikely to know much about using weapons. None of the in-the-book factions or backgrounds, I'll make up some more appropriate to the game. No money for gear, either, you just have normal student stuff.

Is this really…?

Yes, this is an Eclipse Phase conversion of Hatoful Boyfriend, set on a far-flung exoplanet, where you're a mind-napped human in a vat-grown body, stuck in a high school run by sinister feathery Neo-Avian freaks.

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