Edward "Mentak" Whitehead

Edward "Mentak" Whitehead

Edward has… problems. One of those problems relies on distinguishing fantasy from reality. See, it turns out being psionic from a young age tends to do strange things to a developing mind when deciding what's real — so naturally when a teenaged Edward was introduced by someone in the school drama club to LARPing, well, things went rapidly downhill from there. It took X-Com to tell him the powers he imagined having as Mentak, the powerful arch-wizard and mentalist, were real. He didn't even blink when they told him aliens were, too.


Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 3
Perception: 3

Derived Stats:
Life Points: 26
Endurance Points: 26
Essence: 16


Acting(Willpower/Perception): 3
Computers(Intelligence): 3
Disguise(Intelligence/Perception): 1
Dodge(Dexterity): 3
Guns(Dexterity/Intelligence): 5 (Sniper Rifle)
Humanities(Intelligence): 2
Notice(Perception): 3
Psionic Assault(Willpower/Perception): 3
Psionic Resistance(Willpower/Perception): 3
Resistance(Constitution/Willpower): 3
Throwing(Strength/Dexterity): 1


Inspired: You have access to psi talents.


Telepathy - Probe
On winning a contested Psionic Assault + Perception roll vs the target's Psionic Resistance + Willpower roll, the Inspired can hijack one of the target's senses per tier of success, for about a minute of time, allowing them to sense everything the target senses through that sense. They can choose to end this link at any time. Psionically capable targets are aware of the user's Probe attempt and location if they resist the Probe. Costs 2 Essence to use.


Punch: 1d4*Str [Blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier.]
Kick: 1d4*Str+1 [Blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier.]
7.62mm Sniper Rifle w/Scope: 1d8*5 [Normal ammo multiplies damage by 2 after armor, armor-piercing ammo ignores half of armor but has no multiplier afterwards, hollow-point ammo doubles armor but multiplies by 3 afterwards.] Scope: +2 to aim rolls, -1 to un-aimed attacks.
Tazer: 1d6*4 [Causes endurance damage rather than life damage. In addition, the target must pass a Resistance+Willpower roll or lose their next action due to painful muscle cramps.]


Two smoke grenades
HE grenade
Class IIa armor
A robe and wizard hat

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