File established by: Samantha Z, Major

Real Name: Unknown
Nickname: Eight
Gender: Female
Mutations: <Classified>
Personality: Blunt, direct, unafraid of violence
Appearance: Five foot four inches tall, short black hair, unusually wide chest(No, Jenkins, not like THAT.), often smoking, tends to favour leather clothing.
Distinguishing Marks: <You do not have the clearance for this>
Known Associates: Seven, Nine, <You do not have the clearance for this>

Criminal Record: Multiple murders of Control personnel, destruction of Control property, destruction of Corporate property, taking Corporate hostages, flicking cigarettes at Corporate hostages, attempting to gain entrance to a Red Zone.

Officer's Note: Last thing we got from Ymir Squadron before they went flatline across the board was a popping sound emanating from Eight. Show caution.

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