Em Blade

EM Blades

A class of relatively common alien relics, EM blades use advanced electromagnetic field manipulation and plasma generation technologies to create narrow “blades” of ionized plasma, usually of hydrogen. EM blades are extremely variable in appearance, apparently due to the technology being adopted by multiple alien species across space and time. Based on a number of generally shared features, xenoarchaeologists believe EM blades were developed originally by a single species, and then repeatedly discovered and eventually copied by successor species, just as transhumanity is in the process of doing now. The most common examples are of Iktomi design, which increases the variability as the Iktomi do not appear to have ever adopted a standard model.

EM Blades fall into one of three broad categories, all of which rely on the Blade skill when wielded. Polearms have long hafts and then a smaller blade mounted on one end, in a variety of shapes. The hafts of these weapons tend to be very resilient. A skilled user gains a +5 bonus to Fray or Blade skills when defending against a melee attack. Two-handed and one-handed versions are more common, generally approximating swords or axes. EM blades are protected against by Energy armor.

Most EM blades have an active and an inactive setting; thus far no EM blade has run out of energy or plasma, though ruptured ones cease to function. All EM blades glow slightly when active, though not enough to be used as light sources on their own.

Armor Penetration: –3
Damage Value: 2d10 + 3 + (SOM ÷ 10)

Armor Penetration: –4
Damage Value:2d10 + 4 + (SOM ÷ 10)

Armor Penetration: –2
Damage Value: 2d10 + 1 + (SOM ÷ 10)

So far the only publicly available outlet for EM Blades is the Ultimate-run Aspis Armory.

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