Engineering Log 04

Personal Log, Chief Engineer V. Rashid

Day 02: For all their research into the human mind, my employers make the strangest decisions. They have insisted that we install and maintain art, blasted murals, across the entirety of the mid and fore decks. Supposedly it is to alleviate space-travel claustrophobia and limit incidences of cabin fever. Personally I have my doubts, the tricks of perspective in these murals make a functional layout, that I helped put the final touches on, feel labyrinthine. At least we talked them out of installing these things on the lower decks. Thank Allah for small favours.

[What follows is a log of minor repair work performed throughout the cruise. Rashid complains that the Synths on board the ship seem to require more upkeep than planned despite seeing limited use.]

Day 32: So much for their murals! I heard from one of the men in Comp Ops that there had been a fist fight between two of the researchers! Apparently one of them ended up in medical care after the security Synths pried them apart. In other news we are getting more work than Synth repair and upkeep, Comp Ops wants us to go through the entire surveillance system to search for physical bugs and breaks. Is nothing on this ship working right?

[More minor repair updates, Rashid further complains that Comp Ops seemed dubious at their inability to locate any physical flaws in the surveillance system, suggesting that it's probably their software rather than his hardware.]

Day 90: Why are we proofing exo-wombs and growth vats against nanotechnology? We are barely even allowed hives on board the ship to ease the maintenance work. This is the most ill-managed expedition I have ever been on. Maybe when we get back to Mars I will see if Starware or Gatekeeper are hiring.

[No further updates.]

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