Episode 2

Name: Herculean Effort
Characters: Crrchtlchtl, Hex, Malaika Souzan'sha, Nasir, Sadaj-in, Yumi
Synopsis: The team from the Bifrost arrive on Tarsis IV and end up doing battle with Silver invaders.

New Characters: Sadaj-In, Nasir

This is the first episode in which the previously mentioned Silvers are met, and fought!

The crew of the Bifrost encounter a strange anomaly in space which seems to do little besides cause Yumi a considerable amount of discomfort, and they reach Tarsis IV without any further problems. Once there, they are greeted by the local administrator, Gardin, who invites them to a banquet to celebrate the arrivals of the Templars(and their friends). He challenges Malaika to a duel and, surprisingly enough, defeats her, revealing himself to be a mighty ex-Templar.

The banquet is interrupted when his daughter, Pandora, suddenly passes out and requires medical attention. Before anyone can identify the problem, however, he utters mysterious words and the local Silvers arrive. The team engages the Aphrodite, Demeter, Hermes and Artemis. The Aphrodite, Demeter and Hermes are destroyed, while Artemis loses her mech and is captured. Yumi later regurgitates a small copy of Aphrodite, apparently retaining her mind and memories, and the crew decides to keep Artemis around(against Hex's protestations) when it turns out she's a relatively innocent young girl.

However, it turns out not all is well, for the rest of Artemis' family is still on the warpath, especially Hermes, who threatens Hex through her(it was Hex who killed him in their original encounter). This episode is considered very defining for Malaika, Hex and Sadaj-in.

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