X-COM Equipment & Combat Rules

Name(Ammo): Damage

X-COM Pistol(12): Width Killing

X-COM Rifle(20): Width+1 Killing

X-COM Sniper Rifle(5): Width+2 Killing(Max aiming bonus: 4 dice)

X-COM Heavy Cannon(3): Width+4 Killing(AP), Width+1 Killing(HE) + Area 2, Width+1 Killing(IN) + Area 1

X-COM Autocannon(14): Width+3 Killing(AP), Width Killing(HE) + Area 2, Width Killing(IN) + Area 1

X-COM Machinegun(100): Width+1+Spray 3

X-COM Launcher(1): Width+1(Small), Width+3(Large), Width+2(IN) + Area 4 for all.

X-COM Stun Rod: Width+5 Shock

X-COM Grenade: Width+2 Killing + Area 3

X-COM Mine: Area 6(Ignores armour)

X-COM Hi-X Charge: Area 10

When shooting at someone, bullets are fast, no one gets to dodge. If it's a success, it's a success, this highlights the importance of stealth in a fight.

Damage done is Width(number of matching dice) + whatever bonus your weapon provides, to a location determined by what number you roll a matching set of.

1: Left Leg
2: Right Leg
3-4: Left Arm
5-6: Right Arm
7-9: Torso
10: Head

Your limbs can take 5 Killing damage before they come off, your head 4, your torso 10. If you get hit again in a limb that's already crippled, all that damage goes straight to your torso. Full Shock damage to Torso or Head = KO. Full Killing to Torso or Head = RIP.

Some aliens may lack arms or a head, in which case any hit is a body shot.

Some weapons have an autofire option(Rifle, Autocannon, Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Plasma Gun). This wastes three shots instead of one, but adds an extra die to your roll to hit.

If you elect to aim, on the other hand, you can waste 1 or 2 rounds taking careful aim for a bonus of 1 or 2 dice. You can't get more than two dice out of aiming.

If you want to aim for a specific body part, you take two dice. One of them is removed from your dice pool, the other is instantly turned to the number you need to hit before you roll. You can still get matches on other body parts and hit those instead, though.

If you want to fire multiple shots, remove one dice from your dicepool for each extra shot you want to fire. In this case, multiple matching pairs are multiple hits, rather than just wasted.

When a weapon has the Spray option, it fires normally most of the time, but if you elect to hose a target down with a third of your maximum ammo, you get to roll as many more dice as it has Spray. For instance, Spray 3 would add 3 more dice when you're hosing down an area with lead. Every match you get is a hit, and you can distribute them as you please among the targets there. Or just pile them all on one poor sucker.

There are also fancy attacks you can do in melee, like strangling, choking, disarming, pinning, etc. but we'll look those up if you're insane enough to get in a hand-to-hand fight with a sectoid.

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