Official G.O.D.S.™ info sheet (do not steal)

Name: Ethilin
Age: 17 (and a half)
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 122lbs
Measurements: 90-60-90
Gender: elf
Lives: On the edge (of the forest)
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Powers: she kills stuff dead with her rifle, she has the strength of ten men and knows all the elf martial arts
Bio: she was born in the deep, dark and mysterious forest to a nice elf family, she joined the elf military academy at a young age but she was kicked out because she enjoyed killing polluters and trespassers too much.
Likes: plants & animals, smoking pipeweed (all natural), blowing up factories, the anarchist's cookbook (printed on recycled paper), travelling and meeting new people, long walks on the beach
Dislikes: pollution, industrial cigarettes, orks, humans, dwarves, lesser elves, bitches
Weakness: people like her too much, she's too popular, it's hard to move around
Quote: "fuck green peace I'll give them black war"


Fix Ancalia


Strength: 10 / +0 / 11
Dexterity: 16 / +2 / 5
Constitution: 16 / +2 / 5
Intelligence: 14 / +1 / 7
Wisdom: 13 / +1 / 8
Charisma: 13 / +1 / 8


"Elvish forests of another world, she's close to nature" (origin)
"Dimension-travelling sellgun, mostly it meant putting down orks" (profession)
"Liked by the Ancalias whom she helped but hated by their leaders who see her as a threat" (relationship)


Heroes with the Fertility Word have perfect control over their reproduction and may set their Constitution score to 16, or 18 if it’s already 16 or higher. They have an invincible defense against wooden weapons or objects, vegetal monsters, and plant-based toxins.
Heroes with the Beast Word can speak to animals. Unintelligent beasts will always comply with requests that aren't unnatural to them.
Heroes gifted in the Luck Word may roll 1d20 once a day. At any time during that day, they may replace their own or someone else’s 1d20 roll with the one in reserve. They can only replace a roll once per day.

Divine Gifts

Scent the Prey (Beasts, Lesser: On Turn)
Commit Effort to gain an intuitive awareness of the locations and types of all beasts within a mile radius. You may telepathically summon any of them to come to you as quickly as they can safely do so. Magical or intelligent beasts can refuse to come if they so choose.
Lord of the Wild (Beasts, Greater: Constant)
Animals instinctively serve and obey you even to the death, carrying out commands as if they had a human intellect. Magical or intelligent beasts get a Spirit saving throw and cannot be commanded to act in a way that seems suicidal to them or completely against their nature.
A Second Spring (Fertility, Lesser: Action)
Commit Effort for the day. All allies in sight are refreshed, regaining vigor as if well-fed and rested and healing 1d6 hit points of damage plus the Godbound's level. Unlike most healing effects, recipients need not commit Effort to benefit from this blessing.
Touch of Green Restraint (Fertility, Lesser: Action)
Commit Effort for the scene. Plants in a 50’ radius around the chosen point in sight erupt to cling to foes. All enemies in the area must make an Evasion saving throw at the start of each round to throw off the vines and regain free movement, though they can still fight in place as normal or launch ranged attacks if they have them. Foes subject to your Fray die suffer it each round they remain bound. Those enemies who reach zero hit dice because of this may be either utterly immobilized or crushed to death at the Godbound’s discretion.
Unmarred Beneficence (Luck, Lesser: Constant)
The hero has a natural AC of 3, luckily avoiding perils. If a misfortune lands randomly on a member of their group, they’re never the victim of it. This base AC isn't improved by armor or shields

Saving Throws

Hardiness: 13
Evasion: 13
Spirit: 14


Sniper rifle (+3 to hit, 1d8 damage)


Level: 1
Armor Class: 1 (natural 3, -2 Dex)
Hit Points: 10/10
Attack Bonus: +1
Fray Die: 1d8
Effort: 2
Wealth: 0
Experience: 0
Dominion: 0
Influence: 2


Sniper rifle
Elven light summer clothes

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