Name: EuroCorp
Leader: Unknown
Headquarters: London
Enemies: The Church of the New Epoch

EuroCorp is the major power in the world in the year 2115, controlling North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and India with essentially no resistance. They have no operations in South America outside of the Coastal Brazilian Gray Zone, they are banned from operating inside the Australian Free Republic and they have no trade links or otherwise with the Sun Coalition, though the Coalition does maintain permanent embassies in major EuroCorp cities.

EuroCorp is the developer, manufacturer and controller of the Hypnos Chip which currently keeps roughly 64% of the civilian population within all EuroCorp-controlled zones pacified and not causing trouble. While they are not officially in charge of most nations they operate in(Mexico being the exception), they are practically in charge, having a private army that could topple most governments and the economic power to crush any nation with the wave of a hand. Their current major antagonists appear to be a plague of unidentified androids, the mysterious appearance of the red drug Anarchy and The Church of Starry Wisdom/The Church of the New Epoch.

The Paladin Project was started by EuroCorp in 2089, as an experimental medical procedure for reviving the clinically dead(initially an experiment in cybernetic augmentations of the brain performed on dead tissue). However, it soon turned out that those revived from death by a cocktail of strange chemicals and cybernetic implants made ideal special soldiers. They were surprisingly easy to indoctrinate, their bodies seemed less resistant to implants and their Hypnos Chips could be adjusted in such a way as to essentially be "killswitches" should they ever go rogue. In 2101, despite numerous setbacks, the procedure was perfected, and since then EuroCorp has produced slightly over a hundred Paladin cyborgs. The majority of EuroCorp's armed forces remain automated drones and normal humans(augmented or otherwise).

Most of the major cities and countries under control of EuroCorp have their own, dedicated AI to manage the Dreamers as well as various infrastructure aspects(public transport, power, water, surveillance, police dispatch, etc.). They apparently vary considerably in intelligence, influence and competence.

So far, named current and former employees of EuroCorp include: Ghost, Mercurial, Paladin, Aether, Zombie, London AI, Hudson, Owens, Captain Chavez, Airburst, Tarantula, Phalanx, Myrmidon and Mantis.

Known EuroCorp subsidiaries/project groups are: CRAP and HEWG.

All space-based structures and colonization, except for military spy/anti-ICBM satellites, are produced and launched by EuroCorp either from their base in Kazakhstan or [Classified Location]. Their prime examples of space structures so far are The Orbital Gauntlet and Luna-1.

EuroCorp also runs the hugely profitable EuroTube site.


EuroCorp is now the United Nations.

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