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Asteria (Gas Giant/G4V/Pandora): A gas giant captured by an alien Oort cloud. In its orbit lie a Titan research colony, a Scum exploration effort and a boring hypercorp waypoint - which just happens to be the entrance to one of Pathfinder's most secret projects.


Vance (Chthonian/D2Z/Martian): The headquarters of Ogremoch Engineering, this planet has nothing particularly interesting going for it besides its proximity to a white dwarf. Someone might have followed Ogremoch here, though.

Mei Houwang

Mei Houwang (Hot Jupiter Moon/K7V/Martian): This cramped colony was originally founded by prospectors in the wake of some major xenoartifact discoveries, but the supply dried up faster than expected. Now an alliance of hypercorps has stepped up to "utilize" the gas giant and its stranded colonists who can't afford to leave.


Blunderbore (Terrestrial/B8V/Eos): This address was given to Omnicor by the Factors, and leads to the surprisingly intact ruins of a recent civilisation which suffered its own Fall event. This planet only really exists in Firewall's records, and with any luck it'll stay that way.


Hitodama (Terrestrial/M3V/Martian): This ugly brother of Mars is important for one reason only: some previous civilisation has used a piece of its landscape as a garbage dump for hazardous materials.


Kringle (Terrestrial/M0V/Martian): A frozen world which connects to many other Martian Gate planets, this world is used as a transport hub by Pathfinder for efficiency reasons. It is also the secret supply depot of the Gate Gang.


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Wandjina (Tidally-Locked Ocean/K0V/Pandora): A nexus world popular with the Argonauts and, until recently, the site of a xenodeist-run beach resort.


Mahou (Terrestrial/B7V/Martian): This world, littered with the ruins of a strange, lizard-like alien race, was recently host to a few episodes of the popular vid series Sword of Pandora.


Eos (Terrestrial/Pulsar/Sky Ark): An exotic resort for hypercorp executives aimed at currying favour with the Consortium, though its management and security leave something to be desired. Like management and security.


Crowley (Terrestrial/M3V/Martian): Formerly an autonomist settlement and aquatic research institute linked to the Pandora Gate, this barren world was shaken up when its link shifted to the Martian Gate and Omnicor tried to start a project of its own.

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