Exoplanet Missions



10: It's Like Kowloon But In Space


9: This Is Why Omnicor Can't Have Nice Things


8: One Alien Man's Radioactive Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

Exoplanet: <Hitodama>
Location: Field of Thorns, Hitodama
Situation: Between missions, xenoarchaeologist Steve Nakamo hired the group as security experts while he studies an alien ruin which is also very clearly a toxic waste dump.


Exoplanet: <Mars>
Location: Hakutaku Security Systems
Situation: Gate Gang leadership located in shell hypercorp Hakutaku Security Systems, and confirmed to be researching the exsurgent virus while hoarding alien relics. OPERATION CALAMITY GREEN dispatched to end it.

6: Merry Gatemas

Exoplanet: <Kringle>
Location: Joulupukki Station
Situation: Group assigned to Operation CALAMITY GREEN with permission from ████████. Intelligence suggests Gate Gang are up to something at GateCon, a hypercorp convention aimed at drumming up more support for exoplanet colonisation. GateCon is being held on the frozen world of Joulupukki. Tickets acquired.

5: For Science!

Exoplanet: <Mars>
Location: Yatsugatake Research Park
Situation: A special ops team led by Sentinel Taco recently vanished during an investigative op handled by ███. Sentinels dispatched to pick up the investigation and retrieve the missing Sentinels.

4: Have You Accepted The Factors As Our Personal Savior?

Exoplanet: <Wandjina>
Location: Dunwich, New Brisbane
Situation: Lowell picked up this guy, Achim Julien, wandering toward the TQZ during her day job with a lot of scanning equipment. Target had async powers and the ability to throw people around with his mind. Post-mortem revealed what could be biological implants in his brain. The last location he spent a lot of time in was Wandjina. Sentinels dispatched to investigate.

3.5: Catharsis

Apparently Haruhi Nagasaku paid the group to destroy the life of Daisuke Yoshimoto, the corporate executive who scammed her and her family into indentured servitude. Reports indicate they were successful. Works for me.
Reward: 20,000 Credits, 10 c-rep

3: The Sword of Pandora

Exoplanet: <Mahou>
Location: Sword of Pandora Set
Situation: Enrique A.A. Arnold, producer of The Sword of Pandora (a popular gatecrashing sci-fi series filmed with live actors and sets) has made two big mistakes: Using his show and credits as a cover to raid exoplanets for alien tech before Pathfinder can get their hands on it to sell on the black market, and letting a Firewall agent catch wind of it. We need to shut this down. Preferably without ending the show.

2: Pulsar Party!

Exoplanet: <Eos>
Location: TerraGenesis Party Pulsar Station
Situation: Strange goings-on are occuring at a TerraGen vacation resort for Consortium execs, and other hypercorps are sending spies to investigate. We need someone to look into this before it becomes a huge mess.

1: Trans-Global Dynamics

Exoplanet: <Crowley>
Location: Trans-Global Dynamics Research Facility
Situation: This otherwise standard secret nanotech facility has been ordering shipments of weapons and Reapers recently. Either something's got out of control of they're planning to seize the exoplanet for themselves; either way, we should look into it.

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