There's a lot of fanfiction for Ginnungagap, before it was even halfway through the first season, the following fanfics had a huge following…

"Garbage Day!" Malaika catches several members of the crew about to waste good, useful DNA and teaches them a lesson about recycling. Malaika, Crrch, Nasir, Sadaj, Hex. Snowballing, M/F.
"By Your Command" Artemis finds the crew's commands less than welcome, and more demeaning than she'd hoped. F/Washing up, dusting, cooking.
"Let me show you the love of the Lord!": Malaika attempts to convert the unfaithful aboard the Bifrost! M/F, F/F, Spider/F. Please read and review! ^^
"I heard you liked dark shades…"
"Spiders have Room for Two"
"DISCOVER! Yumi's Room"
"Yummy Yumi!": Yumi's hungry, but the replimat is out of order! What's a girl to do? M/F, F/F, Vore.
"Wide Open Spaces" Lost on a deserted planet, Crrch and Yumi get close for company, and too close to comfort… MxF, Bestiality, Vore, Guro, Necro, NC.
"MY LOVE BURNS!": Mala feels the need to let off some steam. M/F/Fire.
"Heartburn": Malaika explores the chambers of the Bifrost and finds something she'd never expected… Malaika/Bifrost.
"Do you come here often?" Everyone seems too busy to play with Crrch, so he goes to the mech bay to waste a few hours, but someone there catches his attention… Spider/Loki
"Hotblooded." During a fierce battle above an unknown planet, Malaika is knocked through the atmosphere and crash-lands. Something seems weird about the locals, though. Twilight/Ginnungagap crossover. Malaika/Edward, Malaika/Bella.
"Hotblooded 2: Blood Hotter." Malaika's friends killed Edward and his family before she could stop them, so now she has only one memory of him: Their baby. Will her Martian body be able to survive the pregnancy?
"Potions and Patrons." Yumi enrolls at Hogwarts to try and learn how to control her patron's powers!!! She instantly falls for Snape(who is mah bishie ^_^), and ends up having to fight Hermione for him! Yumi/Dumbledore, Yumi/Harry, Yumi/Hermione, Yumi/Snape, Yumi/Snape/Dumbledore.
"Doctor Dick" - Nasir gives the crew a thorough check-up.
"I'm a doctor, not a veterinarian!" Crrch visits Nasir for a special check-up. Nasir/Crrch
"Don't shoot the messenger." Nasir wishes he could confess his feelings to Yumi, and blurts it out to Crrch. After a quick encounter, Crrch scuttles off with a handful of Nasir to show Yumi how spiders do it… Nasir/Crrch, Nasir/Yumi, Fisting.
"Ace in the Hole"[1]
"Nudity is Natural." Malaika has a hard time getting her crewmates, especially Hex, to understand how pleasant it is not to bundle yourself up. When she incinerates his suit in an attempt to get him to at least try it, it stirs some feelings that no one would have expected… M/F, M/M, Hex/Malaika, Hex/Nasir, Tender Medical Care For Burns
"Can I see the cockpit?" Sadaj is fascinated by Hex's mechanical mech and asks for permission to examine it, but when they "accidentially" get locked in the cockpit, it turns out that Sadaj was planning to examine something else all along… M/M, NC
"Poltergeist" An invisible Ghost takes advantage of a drunk Myrmidon, before being interrupted by Hudson, who also gets his share. Mercurial watches it all on the cameras and sells the video online, causing much embarassment for everyone. M/F, NC, voyeurism [2]
"That's not a melon!" Ghost is forced to deal with her darkest, most horrible fear after she foolishly sends Mercurial and Paladin shopping for groceries so she can get more knitting time. Ghost/Melon(Winter), NC, voyeurism, vore.[2]
"Blasphemous!" Malaika encounters something she thought was merely apocryphal information from an appendix of the Manuscripts of Chaaka, as the crew land on an uncharted planet. But it turns out that Winter Melons are real, and the crew have to battle for their lives. Sometimes love blooms on a battlefield. Melon/everyone, NC, Crrch/Yumi, Crrch/Nasir, Nasir/Hex, Nasir/Sadaj, Nasir/Yumi, vore, pregnancy.
"Stretchy" Ghost experiments with her new augmentation and finds that just because some parts of her can stretch, it doesn't mean they return to their original shape afterwards. She ends up needing a helping hand from Paladin's big gun and Aether's powerful legs. Ghost/Paladin, Ghost/Aether, footing.
"Ghost in the Machine": Robo-Maid becomes the first of Merc's objects to self-improve. Inspired by tales of humans, she seeks to experience the sensation known as "pleasure". A reluctant Ghost helps her explore her newfound humanity.
"Stormy Weather": Left in the rain together, Mantis and Aether 'bond' in the storm.
"I Heard About it Online": Mercurial learns about "goo-girls" while surfing the web and decides to experiment with Ghost and her "jelly" augmentation.
"Wrapping the Package": Ghost decides to reveal her biggest secret to Paladin, who turns out to be an unexpected fan. Ghost/Paladin, futa, pegging.
"Love at First Sight": Mercurial hacks a military network and decides to treat Paladin to a guided tour of one of their warehouses with his new fake ID's, but things take a turn for the unexpected when he shows Paladin the newest UrbanMech models. Paladin/Mech, Paladin/Mercurial, leghumping, donkey punching.

<Malaika> Hex's hobby was card games, right? Or did I hallucinate something?
<Hex> You did not hallucinate. He does play cards.
<Hex> …
<Malaika> strip poker
<Hex> Oh God.
<Hex> …Just for the record? Let's never, ever, EVER play that with Crrch.
<Malaika> …you could even title it 'Ace in the Hole'
<Malaika> and all the things that implies

1. No one has ever read, or found, the entirety of "Ace in the Hole", but the rumours surrounding it still make it immensely fascinating to a lot of people. Supposedly it's a five-chapter fic involving Hex and all the other members of the crew, written by the voice actor for Malaika. We're hosting the rumoured first chapter after long hours of painstaking research uncovered it.
2. Despite not being for the Ginnungagap fandom, most Ginnungagap fanfiction sites also host Corporate Chronicles fanfiction, since a lot of the same creators were involved, and it's often assumed as being the canon prologue to Ginnungagap, centuries in the past.

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I Saw Kole Kissing Santa Claus- Kole, Maresh, Santa, threesome, supporting.

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