Name: Feridun Jadugar
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Nationality: Khinasi
Religion: Eloele
Class: Magician
Level: 5 (XP 35000)

STR: 9
DEX: 12
CON: 10
INT: 15
WIS: 16
CHA: 11

HP: 26
AC: 10

Rope Use
Forgery, +1 on checks

Modern Brecht

Light Crossbow


1st level - Audible Glamer, Cantrip, Change Self, Detect Magic, Enlarge, Find Familiar, Identify, Light, Nystuls Magical Aura, Read Magic,

2nd level - Blindness, Deafness, Hypnotic Pattern, Improved Phantasmal Force, Invisibility

3rd level - Clairvoyance, Wraithform

Bloodline Abilities (Vorynn):
Divine Aura: makes me look PIMP, once per day it makes a hypnotic lightshow for 1 round/level. Affects anyone within 30 feet who has less than 4 HD or Levels and who doesn't have a Bloodline.
Heightened Ability: +1 WIS
Animal Affinity: Owls (minor)
Long Life, your character literally ages only 1 year physically for every five actual years that pass.

Light Crossbow
-Light Quarrel x100
Belt x5
Riding Boots, 2 pair
Cap x5
Gloves x5
Plain Brooch x2
Embroidered Robe x2
Silk Jacket
Tunic x5
Vest x5
Carriage, common
-Draft Horse
Bell x5
Belt pouch, large
Belt pouch, small x2
Bolt Case x2
Light Chain, 10 ft
Large Chest x2
Small Chest
Chalk x20
Flint and steel x2
Bullseye Lantern
Good Lock
Poor Lock x2
Mirror x3
Lamp Oil flask x10
Silk Rope 100 ft
Hemp Rope 100 ft
Signet Ring x2
Large Tent
Torch x10
Winter Blanket x2
Doves x5
Rabbits x5
Snow owls x3
1Bag of Tricks, type A. You can yank animals out of it, somewhat randomized, ten times per week, and they function as summoned creatures in that they have to obey the user
2 mummified caramels
A snake familiar named Kha, who can go incorporeal and pick pockets at a 60% success rate. He can also read.
ELF BOOTS, 100% Move Silently Also, make him dance during combat!
Silk Top Hat of Tricks, same as Bag of Tricks but a top hat!
Fazouk's fancy duds
Two fancy robes taken from Khinasi burials
Rose-shaped jewel that makes other jewels look more important.

1125 gp, 2 sp

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