Fighting Schools

Fighting Schools of the World

Credit goes out to Gorbash for helping make this shit work. Without him it'd just be a goofy mixture of weak and overpowered moves.

The bold and underlined part is the name.

The part in italics informs you what the modifier is for using it(for instance, -3 would have a -3 penalty to your attack roll) or whether it's a stance(constant effect, but only one stance can be active at any time. Switching stances adds a +1 to initiative, unless you have no stance active, in which case it's "free"). Every school has five Basic, three Difficult, two Master and one Death moves. You must always have more moves in a lesser tier than you have in any tier above it. So two Basic to learn a Difficult, three Difficult to learn your second Master.

The exception is the Death move which is always known as long as the character knows two other passes/stances from the same school, upon scoring a critical hit the user may elect to use their Death move in place of gaining double damage. If a character knows more than one Death move, he may use any one of them upon scoring a critical hit, or do double damage as normal.

Rare "passive" skills are always in effect once a character has learned them.

Unless the description for a pass says otherwise, the attack still does normal damage.

A pure Fighter gets two moves for 1 WP, a multi-classed fighter, (or single-classed cleric, rogue, magician, paladin or ranger) gets one move for 1 WP, other classes must pay 2 WP per move. Moves have no level requirement to learn.

Everyone gets 2 free WP to spend on moves right off the bat.

Black Ring

A school for rogues and assassins specialized in dual-wielding and thrown weapons.

Twin Fangs
Stance, Basic
The Twin Fangs stance is only useable when dual-wielding. Twin Fangs lowers initiative by 2.

Mugger's Pass
-1, Basic
The attacker may make only one attack to accompany this pass, even if he is dual-wielding. If he succeeds he may follow it up with a Pick Pockets check at +25% to liberate the victim of a small weapon or object, it may be something the opponent is wearing or holding in his hand if not securely fastened.

Cobra's Spit
Stance, Basic
Those trained in the Cobra's Spit technique gain a +2 to hit with any thrown weapons while the stance is active.

Falling Fang
-1, Basic
If the attacker manages to drop on to the victim from a height, he may add +1x to his backstab multiplier. If the attack is not a backstab, he may add 3 to his damage.

Sharp Shadows
-1, Basic
Sharp Shadows can only be used if the user is undetected by the target. If Sharp Shadows succeeds, the attacker may make a Hide in Shadows/Move Silently check to remain hidden despite having just struck someone.

Scorpion's Revenge
Stance, Difficult
If anyone using this stance is hit, they may instantly retaliate against one attack that hits them, per round.

Screaming Death
-2, Difficult
The Screaming Death is an attack so painful that the opponent must immediately save vs Paralysis or spend the next round without any dexterity bonuses to armor, as well as being unable to speak, cast spells or attack.

Withering Hands
-2, Difficult
Those struck by the Withering Hands attack are divested of their weapons or anything else held in their hands.

Eye of the Serpent
-3, Master
The Eye of the Serpent attack gouges out one of the opponent's eyes and does maximum damage in the process. The only way to recover the lost eye is Regeneration or a Heal spell. Missing an eye due to sudden injury gives a -2 to AC and to hit.

Storm of Fangs
-3, Master
You make one attack roll, and make a number of thrown weapon attacks equal to twice the number you are normally allowed. You can spread these attacks out over as many targets as you like, but only two can be assigned to any one target. All the attacks have the -3 to hit.

Skull Smash
A strike to the enemy's head, dropping AC, Thac0 and all saving throws by a penalty of -2. Furthermore, the victim is confused and delirious delirium forcing a Wisdom check before being able to cast any spells(arcane or divine). The status lasts for a day, or until cured by a Heal or Regeneration spell. Does normal attack damage in addition, and the target must have some form of head.

Ivory Grace

A fighting school favoured by paladins and clerics, usually uses a one-handed weapon and a shield.

Barrier of Steel
Stance, Basic
If the warrior has a shield larger than a buckler, he may add a +3 to any saving throw he rolls, at a cost of -1 to to the shield's AC bonus.

Bold Challenge
-1, Basic
As he strikes, the warrior calls out a challenge to his foe. Assuming the foe is intelligent and speaks the warrior's language, he will immediately make the warrior his target(unless it would be suicidal to do so).

Noble Sacrifice
Stance, Basic
If an ally is hit by an attack, you may chose to have the attack damage you instead. You take an additional 1d6 points of damage since you are intentionally not defending yourself.

Ivory Strike
-1, Basic
A ringing shield-bash to the head that will disorient enemies and cause them to lose their next action if they fail a saving throw vs paralysis, as well as dealing 1d8 damage in any case(plus strength modifiers). You do not do normal damage along with this attack.

Banishing Strike
-1, Basic
Deals maximum damage to any summoned or inherently magical creature struck, and doing damage even if normal weapons would be unable to harm it.

-2, Difficult
Instantly dispels any form of magical protection that the target has, in addition to doing normal damage.

Pure Strike
Stance, Difficult
You see through any cover, illusions or magical effects that would make it more difficult to hit your target, whether by imposing a penalty to you or granting a bonus to the target.

Crusader's Fist
-2, Difficult
If your attack hits, you immediately strike the target with your other hand or shield, dealing an additional 1d4 plus Strength bonus damage, or 1d8 plus Strength bonus damage if you have a shield.

Heroic Strike
-3, Master
Roaring a challenge to his enemies, the warrior leaps forward to engage them with unmatched bravery. If this attack hits it does maximum damage, and all allies of the warrior get +3 to hit on their next attack as they are inspired by his bravery and nobility.

-3, Master
You must be able to hit the opponents head (meaning also it must have an indentifiable head). If this strike lands, it deals maximum damage and the target may not cast spells for 1d4+1 rounds, and must make a successful Spellcraft check to cast for 2d4 days afterwards, until subject to a Regeneration, Cure Serious Wounds or Heal spell.

Shattered Ivory
In addition to doing maximum damage, the warrior may elect to destroy a piece of armor, a weapon or another visible, reachable piece of equipment that his opponent is wearing or holding. Stuff hidden in pouches or backpacks cannot be attacked in this way, and magical items may get a save.


A fighting style practiced by wood-elf archers, named as it is because it was usually used against human loggers and lumberjacks at their borders.

Archer's Surprise
-1, Basic
If you are hidden from the target, you may apply any Backstab multiplier you have, regardless of range. If you do not have a Backstab multiplier, add +3 damage to the attack.

Trick Shot
-1, Basic
This attack deals no damage, but either somehow inconveniences the target (distracting them, and imposing a -2 penalty to hit, forcing a Spellcraft check, etc) or allows you to execute a special effect, such as cutting a rope with an arrow, making an instant handhold for an allied climber, etc.

Brutal Arrows
Stance, Basic
+1 damage with all bows and crossbows.

Archer's Last Resort
Stance, Basic
Bows and crossbows can be used as clubs that deal 1d6 damage.

Pin Down
-1, Basic
You hit the target in a limb and trips him or her up. They cannot move for 1d4+1 rounds, though they may still attack or take other actions.

Hands-Off Technique
-2, Difficult
Puts an arrow through the enemy's hand, causing them to drop whatever they're holding and making the hand useless until the arrow is removed. Both left and right are an option, but not hands holding shields.

Elven Insult
-2, Difficult
This attack does +2 damage and inflicts a disfiguring scar of some sort on the opponent's face, dropping their Charisma by 1 until they are subjected to Regeneration, Healing or Cure Serious Wounds. spells.

Precision Shooting
Stance, Difficult
+2 to hit with all bows and crossbows, -1 penalty to initiative.

Elven Volley
-3, Master
For each ranged weapon attack you make with a bow or crossbow this round, you fire two arrows and roll damage for each if you hit. All attacks take the full -3 to the attack roll.

Superior Elven Craftsmanship
-3, Master
A single well-placed arrow destroys an enemy weapon, shield or piece of equipment that isn't a suit of armor. Magical items get a save, non-magical items do not. This attack does no damage.

A shot of unparalleled precision puts one of the target's eye out(doing maximum damage in the process), blinding them in that eye until they receive magical healing and giving them appropriate penalties.


A fighting style used by lone heroes fighting great beasts or hordes of smaller enemies. Often employed with axes, hammers and large two-handed weapons.

Reckless Gamble
-1, Basic
You deal double damage with this attack, or triple with a critical. However, until your next turn turn any attacks that hit you deal double damage, or triple on a critical.

Against the Horde
Stance, Basic
For every enemy that attacks the warrior, he gains a cumulative +1 to AC and to hit until his next attack.

The Bigger They Are!
Stance, Basic
While in this stance, your weapons deal the better damage value against any target, regardless of its size. For example, a longsword deals 1d12 damage, while a warhammer does 1d4+1 damage.

Dramatic Exit!
-1, Basic
If succesful, the warrior grabs a nearby enemy and uses them as a bludgeon or thrown projectile for 1d8 damage against a piece of scenery in order to create a ramp or opening by which he can escape to gain a better position(or just to get the hell away).

Vicious Charge
-1, Basic
If this strike connects, the warrior's attack flings his opponent backwards several yards, possibly off cliffs or into scenery.

Crush the Weak!
Stance, Difficult
While this stance is used, the warrior deals +2 damage with every attack and his AC is worsened by 1.

Destroy the Leader!
-2, Difficult
If successful, the warrior leaps over any obstructions in his path, to deliver a withering blow that does maximum damage for his weapon. The distance that can be covered is limited by what would be dramatic and reasonable.

-2, Difficult
If succesful, instantly destroys a chosen piece of scenery(which may affect opponents) or a mindless and corporeal undead enemy. Does maximum damage against mindless magical enemies like golems. For inanimate objects, AC is determined by the GM on a case-to-case basis(a huge stone pillar is, for instance, more difficult to bring down than a wooden chair).

Kill Them All!
-3, Master
You make a single melee weapon attack that goes against all enemies within reach. You make one damage roll and deal that damage to all enemies you hit.

Finishing Blow
-3, Master
A powerful strike that doubles damage rolled and shatters the opponent's armor, whether natural or not, leaving them with a -4 to AC(though it cannot be worsened beyond 10 and does not affect magical defenses).

Path of Destruction
The warrior may choose to strike his target enemy with such force that it flings him at another foe, dealing as much damage on impact as the original target suffered. This is an option even if the attack kills the original target.


A fighting school of unknown origin, often practiced by experienced duellists and usually relying on a one-handed weapon and a free hand.

Mule's Kick
-1, Basic
In addition to the duellist's normal attack, he may deliver a solid kick placed right in the enemy's chest, doing 1d6 damage(plus strength) and forcing them back as many steps. Useful against enemies being fought on narrow ledges.

Sweeping Strike
-1, Basic
A low, sweeping attack that knocks the enemy off their feet if the duellist succeeds at a Muscle/Strength check, the opponent suffers a -2 on all rolls the next round as they recover from the dazing fall.

Duellist's Greeting
-1, Basic
Using his sword as a distraction, the duellist dashes in and smashes a fist into his opponent's face, breaking his nose or splitting a lip and costing him his next attack. Doesn't work on creatures without soft facial parts or enemies wearing full-face helmets, does 1d6 damage(plus strength) instead of normal damage.

Honourable Fight
Stance, Basic
The Duellist gains a +4 to AC against ranged attacks, but no bonus against melee attacks.

Stance, Basic
Once per round, if attacked in melee, the Duellist may make a free attack against someone who attacked him, using his equipped weapon, regardless of whether his opponent hits him or not. The attack is placed immediately after the opponent's attack is made, and must be declared at that time.

Dramatic Flurry
Stance, Difficult
The duellist becomes an unnerving force on the battlefield as he launches flashy, distracting attacks. All enemies who are near him suffer a -2 to all rolls to hit, provided that they see and notice him.

Temple Strike
-2, Difficult
You strike your foe in the head with your free hand, dealing only 1 point of damage. The target is infuriated to the point that his or her AC is 4 worse to the attacks of any of your allies. If you manage to kill or knock out an opponent with this pass, all enemies who can see you take a -2 to attack rolls until your next turn.

Disarming Blow
-2, Difficult
This attack does no damage, but strikes a weak point in the enemy's weapon, smashing it apart if it fails a save vs crushing blow, and tearing it from the enemy's grasp otherwise.

Jab, Jab, Jab!
-3, Master
If this attack hits, you roll damage three times, though only add any Strength bonus to damage once. If this attack hits, you can make one less attack this round (for example, if you can make three attacks per round, and hit with Jab, Jab, Jab! you only may make one more attack that round).

Algamesh's Swipe
-3, Master
If successful, does maximum damage and forces the opponent to make a saving throw vs petrification. If the save fails, the target's main hand is severed. Only wearing magical bracers or gauntlets can protect against this move.

Winning Move
You disarm the opponent (even if they are wielding two weapons), but do no damage. NPC's may be forced to make a morale check from this amazing display of swordsmanship.

Nine Fists

An unarmed fighting style.

Fists of Steel
Passive, Basic
Upgrades the brawler's unarmed attack damage. 1 becomes 1d2, 1d2 becomes 1d4 and 1d4 becomes 1d6, based on whether the brawler is non-proficient, proficient or specialized with unarmed attacks.

Even Odds
-1, Basic
The brawler relieves his opponent of a one-handed weapon or non-Tower shield if this attack succeeds.

Leaping Strike
-1, Basic
The brawler instantly leaps up to twenty feet to land a kick or punch on his opponent for +2 damage.

Disciplined Defense
Stance, Basic
The brawler gains a +2 to AC when using this stance and having both hands free.

Whirlwind Fist
Stance, Basic
While using this stance, the brawler may add an extra unarmed attack every round at no penalty.

Guardian's Fist
Stance, Difficult
A brawler using this stance may increase the die of his unarmed attacks by one step(1d2 to 1d4, 1d4 to 1d6, 1d6 to 1d8, etc.) and may treat them as +1 weapons for the purpose of damaging creatures immune to normal attacks.

Grab and Lock
-2, Difficult
This attack does no damage, instead the brawler slips past his opponent's defenses and locks one of his arms in place with a hold, causing him to drop whatever that arm was holding. In addition, the brawler can maintain the hold for as long as he keeps winning opposed Muscle/Strength checks. As long as the hold is in place, the opponent is unable to do anything that requires the use of his arms, while the grappler may make unarmed attacks against him as usual(but not against anyone else).

Thundering Punch
-2, Difficult
This unarmed strike deals +4 damage and knocks the target off his or her feet. They suffer a +4 penalty to Initiative on their next round as they get back up.

Stunning Strike
-3, Master
Using expert knowledge of physiology, this attack allows the brawler to strike highly sensitive points, crippling his victim for 1d4 rounds if they fail a save vs paralysis. If they succeed at the save, they still suffer a -2 to all rolls for 1d4 rounds due to the extreme pain inflicted.

Flip and Throw
-3, Master
This attack may only be used against an opponent that is attacking the brawler in melee. The attack is elegantly redirected into a throw, resulting in the attacker taking as much damage as if they had successfully hit themselves with the attack(including strength bonuses). The brawler may also elect to disarm them as part of the move or to throw them 10 feet.

Tsunami Strike
Being struck by this attack does no extra damage, but divests the victim of everything they're holding, and their armor must make a saving throw vs crushing blow or be shattered into useless pieces.

Revised Unarmed Combat Rules

Unarmed attacks do 1 damage for those with no training, 1d2 for those proficient with it and 1d4 for those specialized with them. Expertise is also possible. Extra attacks for specialization are treated as per other melee weapons.

Crimson Jester

A strange combat style combining acrobatics and misdirection to be utterly annoying to its enemies.

Dancing Strike
-1, Basic
Worsen's the target's AC by 2 for the remainder of the round if the attack hits.

Combat Acrobatics
Passive, Basic
The jester gets a permanent +1 bonus to his AC if he isn't wearing heavy armor(plate or better) and isn't somehow restricted in his movement.

Confusing Dance
Stance, Basic
For every attack that misses the jester, any further attacks against him that round get a -1 to hit.

Juggler's Hand
-1, Basic
This attack does no damage, but instead divest's the opponent of his weapon, strikes him with it and then throws it aside.

bold text
-1, Basic
Text goes here!

Misdirecting Dance
Stance, Difficult
Every attack that misses the jester deals 1d8 damage to the attacker, while using misdirecting dance the jester gains no AC bonuses from armor.

Shadow Strike
-2, Difficult
If this attack lands, the jester may make use of any backstab bonus he has. Whether he has a backstab bonus or not, it always relocates the jester behind his opponent.

Clown's Visage
-2, Difficult
This attack does half damage if it hits, and the victim must make a save vs petrification or be gripped with terror. Enemies who don't flee gain a -2 to hit in any round where they're within sight of anyone with Crimson Jester abilities.

Chaos Tango
Passive, Master
Attacks that miss a jester using Misdirecting Dance now strike a target of the jester's choosing, for the full damage that the attack would otherwise have done, assuming the target is within range of the attacker. Attackers are always within range of themselves.

Shadow Puppet
-3, Master
This attack does no damage, but if it hits, the jester chooses his victim's next action. The victim may use any items, magical or otherwise, that the jester is aware of, but may not cast spells at the jester's command. Blatantly suicidal commands(jump into the lava!) also gain the victim a save vs death to refuse.

Final Joke
The jester trades weapons and armor with the victim in an instant, confusing them enough that they lose their next action. No one has yet figured out how the hell this is accomplished.

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