Fiolin Dacis
Name:       Fiolin Dacis
Player:     Elias
Clan:       Old Clan Koldun Sorceror
Generation: Ninth

Description: A was a deeply religious servant, and daughter of Count Dacis' Head ghoul and a foreigner she met on a mission for the count. As Fiolin grew older, the count noticed an aptitude for manipulation and twisting words, and a stoutness of body that could serve her well should she undertake the trials of the Kolduns. The count watched the girl develop into a young woman and asked her to be her childe, Successor and herald of the might of the Old Clan in the new world.

Fiolina was then sent to (SETTING HERE) to learn the modern vampire society, and establish her own domain, that the Dacis name would be synonymous with honor, power, and rule once more.

  PHYSICAL                  SOCIAL                    MENTAL

Strength  OOO          Charisma     OO            Perception   OO
Dexterity OOO          Manipulation OOOO          Intelligence OO
Stamina   OOOO         Appearance   OO            Wits         OO

  TALENTS                   SKILLS                  KNOWLEDGES

Alertness    OO        Animal Ken                 Academics     
Athletics    OOO       Crafts                     Computer      O
Awareness              Drive       O              Finance       
Brawl        OOO       Etiquette   OO             Investigation 
Empathy      OO        Firearms    OO             Law           
Expression             Larceny                    Medicine      O
Intimidation           Melee       OOO            Occult        OOOX
Leadership             Performance                Politics      
Streetwise             Stealth     O              Science       
Subterfuge   OOO       Survival                   Technology    

DISCIPLINES              BACKGROUNDS                 VIRTUES(Path of Honorable Accord)

Animalism              Generation         OOOO    Conscience   OOO
Auspex    OOO          Resources          O       Self-Control OOO
Dominate               BLANK                      Courage      OOOO


Earth      XX


Eat Food (Free)
Bad Sight (1pt. Flaw)
Repelled by Crosses (3pt. Flaw)


Generation: Sired by an old Tzimise in the home country to found a new domain
Resources: Meager start up funds


Humanity OOOOOOO

Willpower OOOO

Blood Pool

Dodge:     3
Soak:      2
Init Pool: 5


Bruised          [ ]
Hurt          -1 [ ]
Injured       -1 [ ]
Wounded       -2 [ ]
Mauled        -2 [ ]
Crippled      -5 [ ]
Incapacitated    [ ] 

WEAPONS (copied from silv's sheet just for completion)

TYPE                     DAMAGE      RANGE      RATE      CAPACITY      CONCEAL

Shotgun                    8          20         1           5+1           T
(Customized 12-Gauge)

Knife                    STR+1                                             J
(Damascus Steel)
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