First Resurfacing
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It's good to breathe fresh air again as the party returns to the surface, they're not the first adventuring party to get back, but they're the first to have accomplished something. Several others have gotten themselves cut up by monstrous creatures under the Alchemists' Quarter or been chased out by the Thieves' Guild under the Riverside Quarter, but this party has actually made progress, and the guards hurriedly usher them to a healer for the night. In the morning, the city council calls for them and requests a full report on what happened. They're worried about the kobolds under the city, and inform the party that they'll take any of their suggestions on a response to the kobolds under advisement, though it's clear that the council is leaning towards hiring a bunch of meatheads to wipe them out so they're not a future threat to the city, the party's words on the kobolds may make the crucial difference.

What worries them more is hearing about the Idol of Vurrush, especially since the party hasn't found any of the missing magical items or scrolls from the city above. To them it suggests that the kobolds might have been a symptom, rather than the cause, of the city's problems.

If the party wishes to remain in the employ of the Yalcaster Council, their next quest is to find the Idol of Vurrush and the missing magical items. Looking over the party's maps, they suggest searching the river delta in the underground cave, and the ledge of the great chasm.

On their way out of the council chamber, the party is paid in full for their services rendered thus far: 500 gold pieces each.

They've also accrued a small bit of fame already, several bards compete to be told of the party's adventures so they can turn it into a stirring, hyper-violent ballad.

While the party rests, a kobold scout from below sneaks into their rooms and delivers the mayor's quest(written in Orcish, of course, so half the party can't read it). He wants the party to re-open the collapsed tunnel in the "kobold pantry" and clear the area beyond it. Apparently the tunnel used to be a connection to a mine containing a dwarf expedition that the kobolds were on friendly terms with, but when the tunnel got breached by digging monsters, both groups collapsed it to save themselves.


Healer's Visit: Full HP restored for all.
Reward: 500 GP per character.

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