Forever Fist

Name: Forever Fist (his parents really named him that) the Furious Foot (usually what he's called by people after leaving a permanent imprint of his toes in their jawbone)
Rank: 4! Warrior!
Origin: The Fists are a family of farmers, and Forever Fist was the youngest son of that family. Already miserably tired of Fist-related jokes from other children by the time he hit his teens, he decided, in a fit of rebelliousness, that he'd never do with his hands what he could do with his feet. At first that was only odd jobs, but one day he met an armless Crippled Master who introduced him to the idea of kicking ass with, appropriately, his feet. He doesn't try to be a hero, but wherever he goes as he picks up odd jobs, he always seems to end up kicking gangs of ill-dressed and oddly similar-looking men over railings and into walls. He's stopped questioning why it happens, and decided that it's just another chance to learn how to be awesome with his legs.

Attributes & Skills

Might: 5
Athletics: 1
Climb: 0
Fight: 3(Specialization: Kicking)
Hardiness: 3
Lift: 3

Speed: 4
Initiative: 3
Dodge: 3
Finesse: 2(Specialization: Feet)
Melee: 0
Ride: 1

Presence: 4
Confidence: 3
Grace: 0
Inspire: 2
Perform: 0
Persuade: 0

Genius: 2
Learning: 0
Crafting: 1
Medicine: 1
Politics: 0
Tactics: 0

Wu Wei: 3
Awareness: 3
Investigation: 0
Ranged: 0
Senses: 3
Stealth: 0

Health: 18 per wound level
Damage Taken: None
Destiny Earned: 3
Destiny Spent: 0
Destiny Spent on: Nothing
Joss: 1 Xia

Crimson Chi(Speed): 4/4
Jade Chi(Might): 5/5
Gold Chi(Presence): 4/4
Silver Chi(Wu Wei): 3/3
White Chi(Genius): 2/2


Thousand Scythe Kick
Third level(Gold Chi/Presence), page 246

Level 1, Fast Scythe Kick: +10 to strike, +10 to initiative. LIGHTNING SPEED ATTACK.
Level 2, Sweeping Scythe Kick: +10 to strike, makes suckers fall DOWN.
Level 3, Crescent Scythe Kick: +10 to strike, disarms on succesful hit.

Feet of Iron
Third level(Jade Chi/Might), refluffed Fists of Iron(page 252)

Level 1, Living Weapon: +5 Strike, +10 damage, can block weapons with legs/feet.
Level 2, Body of Iron: +10 armor(Jade Chi modifier) for 3 rounds(Feet of Iron level), can expand 2 White Chi to extend for 1 turn.
Level 3, Rainbow Stunning Strike: +10 Strike, +10 damage, can block weapons with legs/feet. Opponent loses Chi regeneration. Can expend 1 Jade Chi to add another die of damage.

Third Level(Any Chi), Page 241

Level 1, Surefoot: Spend 1 Chi to instantly regain footing or avoid any falling damage.
Level 2, Run Like A Deer: Spend 2 Chi to become RIDICULOUSLY FAST, possibly also +5 to Dodge.
Level 3, Headlong Flying Leap: Spend 3 Chi to jump and bounce like crazy, possibly +10 to Dodge.

50/50 spent(Feet of Iron 3, Thousand Scythe Kick 3, Finesse 2, 2 specializations, +1 to Might, Genius, Speed, Levels 2 and 3 of Lightfoot)


For insisting publicly on honorable combat in a glorified bar brawl, Forever Fist gained half a Yi deed!

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