Former -tans

Occasionally, the dark of former tans has been revealed to the current fac-tans, usually through unreliable chant or fellow faction members. So far, the top-shelf chant has come from Stephanie Pandeaux (formerly Pandemonium-tan, formerly Bleaker-tan) who has provided a few insights on the group that operated a few years before the current one.

(Remember: Just because there isn't any dark on a -tan doesn't mean she'll be important later! It might be there for PC backstory purposes, say.)


ATHAR-TAN: Leona Huxley (LN/planar human/Athar), an ex-cleric of Thor who became a priestess of the Great Unknown. Briefly toyed with the idea of joining the Godsmen or the Sign of One, but was having too much fun as a Defier. Leona had a reputation for being extremely antagonistic (which may have influenced the choice of Adie for the next Athar-tan) and once flipped off a proxy of Zeus while calling the power a man-slut. Went to explore the planes for a year before going to Sigil Prep; whereabouts unknown.

GODSMEN-TAN: Stephanie has spoke of a bard who eventually left to find the realm of the power Curran, the only Godsman known to have ascended so far. Hasn't come back yet.

BLEAKER-TAN: Stephanie Pandeaux (NE/prime human (Ortho)/Bleakers). She does not talk much about her own past.




GUVNER-TAN: Syra Archomeda (LN/planar human/Fraternity of Order), who became fascinated with Mechanus during an adventure on it and retired to study it. Apparently she had the favour of the modrons even as Guvner-tan, because Stephanie remembered her having a modron-gifted mechanical prosthetic arm even then.

INDEP-TAN: Miles Tomay (NG/bariaur/Free League), niece of Bria Tomay. Passed the title to Henrietta because she felt like it and wanted to roam Ysgard for a while; rumour is she was forced out by Harmonium high-ups stalking her, though.





SENSATE-TAN: Chloe Cream (CN/tiefling/Society of Sensation) was a bard with a thing for magical electric guitars and loud music. She retired after feeling she had experienced enough of being Sensate-tan and went on to become a famous musician. Stephanie claims she had a few problems on missions because of her "addiction", specifically to pineapple-flavoured donuts.



MECHANUS-TAN: Unknown. Stephanie never met her, having been down with a flu when Syra and some others went there.


CELESTIA-TAN: Liberty vaguely recalls a young trainee trumpet archon named Quara, but they did not talk often.


ELYSIUM-TAN: Elysium-tan claims to have been Elysium-tan for quite a while. Given her apparent age over the rest of the group, this seems likely.

BEASTLANDS-TAN: Likewise, the Cow Lord is older than she looks, though she has never been asked when she became Beastlands-tan as well - or the Cow Lord, for that matter.


YSGARD-TAN: Lliiri Moondottir (CG/aasimar (lillend)/Ring-Givers) has been Ysgard-tan for many cycles, owing to her aasimar heritage, but she only recently joined the Ring-Givers; she was a member of the Fated for a while, but chant is a factor turned stag on a deal with her and she let them have it. She wasn't a Heartless for long after that.

LIMBO-TAN: Nobody has actually met Limbo-tan, but there's a whole lot of chant on what she might look like. Theories range from a flying orb of colour to a sentient thought that cannot leave Limbo to Katy in a series of increasingly silly hats.

PANDEMONIUM-TAN: Stephanie has been very tight-lipped on this, so they've probably at least met.

ABYSS-TAN: Abby Heart (CE/succubus/no faction), until a chance encounter with a paladin caused her to fall in love and change her mind.

CARCERI-TAN: Carceri-tan has probably been the same for a while, as well. Half-dragons lead long lives. Carceri-tan hasn't been talkative, though. There have been a few sightings of a shator in a tutu crying softly to itself as it wandered Carceri, but witnesses are unreliable.

HADES-TAN: There is about as much known about the former Hades-tan as the current one, i.e. nothing.

GEHENNA-TAN: Mei Lin claims to have stolen the title from a teenage arcanoloth, though others claim that doesn't make any sense because there clearly aren't teenage versions of fiends. That would be ridiculous.

BAATOR-TAN: Napkin (LE/erinyes/Sign of One), a teenage Erinyes who sold the title to the Merkhant Cupcake for an obscene amount of money. Napkin is currently living in style in a burg in the Outlands.

ACHERON-TAN: Unknown.a while


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