What, When, Where?

Fowl Heresy is a game of Black Crusade run by Emo_Duck in the IRC channel #FowlHeresy on
It is scheduled for Thursdays at 20:00 GMT+1, beginning on 13 October.

Players and their Characters

Brand - Sir Balin
Hospes - Chronolius
paranoiasavedthecat - Sigma-Rho-Theta 16
Reiz - Van Pelt
Earthflame - ?

In order to facilitate the option of privacy and Just As Planned among players, character sheets should be sent directly to the GM, preferably using the template found here.

Character Creation

Characteristics are determined by rolling 2d10 in sequence and adding your race modifier (25 for humans, 30 for Astartes) as normal.
You may reroll one Characteristic and swap any two Characteristics.

Regdar is making a human character and rolls the following sequence of numbers: 9, 13, 7, 11, 8, 9, 4, 16, 11
He adds 25 to each roll and ends up with the following line of Characteristics.

Weapon Skill: 34
Ballistic Skill: 38
Strength: 32
Toughness: 36
Agility: 33
Intelligence: 34
Perception: 29
Willpower: 41
Fellowship: 36

He decides that his Perception is too low and would leave him vulnerable to ambush, 
so he chooses to reroll it and gets a 10 - a definite improvement, making his Perception 35.
Above all, Regdar wants to be a good shot, so he chooses to swap his Willpower and his Ballistic Skill. 
This makes him a crack shot with a Ballistic Skill of 41, while still leaving him fairly intrepid and brave with a Willpower of 38.

Infamy is determined by rolling 1d5 and adding 19 as normal. You may spend your one reroll on this if you like.

Determine Handedness with a roll of 1d10. On a 9, your character is left-handed. On any other result, your character is right-handed.

Aside from statistics, make sure to include a background of sorts for your character. How did he reach his current position in life? Is he a traitor Astartes newly tempted toward Chaos, or has he spent centuries roaming the Screaming Vortex? Is he a former Mechanicus techpriest, fed up with the cult restrictions on innovation and invention, now part of a Heretek coven? Is he a guardsman who chose surrender and servitude over death when shown mercy by his Chaos foes? How does he presently stay alive among the insane masses of heretics?

House Rules


Vehicle rules from the Rogue Trader supplement Into the Storm will be used, with the following modification.

Acquisition tests made for vehicles do not automatically incur a -10 penalty.
Instead, a vehicle acquisition test incurs a penalty of -10 per Size category of the vehicle above Average (see Black Crusade p. 142 for size ratings)


Regdar wants a Rhino APC, so that he may put a throne of skulls on top of it and have his minions drive him around.
Rhino APCs have an availability of Rare, which imposes a -10 penalty on his acquisition test.
But because he only wants one Rhino, he also gains a +10 bonus to the test, cancelling out the penalty.
The Rhino has a Size rating of Enormous, however, which is 2 categories above Average, giving the test a -20 penalty.
Assuming Regdar wants a Common Craftsmanship Rhino, the final modifier for the acquisition test is therefore -20.


Normally, using the Disarm talent is a full action that will make your enemy drop his weapon at his feet. Unfortunately, that means that the enemy, on his turn, can simply pick up the weapon and ready it as two half actions - even worse, if he has the Quick Draw talent, he can attack you. The following modification to Disarm will be used:

Upon a successful Disarm attempt, the opponent's weapon is flung away in a random direction (use the grenade spread chart if direction is important). The weapon is flung 1 metre per degree of success. If the disarmer succeeds by two degrees or more, he may choose the direction in which the weapon is flung. If the disarmer succeeds by four degrees or more and has a free hand, he may take the weapon instead.

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